Nigerian Navy ranks and salary

Nigerian Navy ranks and salary

Naval officers are one of the most respected people in any a country. Navy jobs also attract a very respectable salary. So, it is not surprising that many young Nigerians want to join the Nigerian Navy. So, if you are one of those looking forward to a Navy career, these are the basic things you need to know about the Nigerian Navy recruitment, ranks and the Navy pay scale.

The Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy is one of three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is one of the largest Navies in Africa. It is made up of thousands of servicemen and women including the Coast Guards. The Nigerian Navy has a ranking system different from Nigerian Army or Nigerian Air Force. Also, the Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on a different scale from other branches of the Nigeria Armed Forces.

Decorating a naval officer

The Nigerian Navy Ranks

For the Nigerian Navy recruitment, induction into the navy is divided into two groups: the non-commissioned and commissioned officers. Non-commissioned officers are enlisted members of the Nigerian Navy. To become a non-commission officer you don’t need to have a higher or university degree. They are only involved in the coordination and physical aspect of military strategies. Commissioned officers are more involved in decision-making and leadership in the Nigeria Navy. For them, entry requirements include a higher or university degree.

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Note that commissioned officers hold higher ranks, are more respected and earn more than non-commissioned officers. Furthermore, all non-commissioned officers are subjected to the command of commissioned officers.

Nigerian Navy officers

Ranks for Non-commissioned Navy officer

From the highest-ranking officer to the lowest.

- Warrant Chief Petty Officer;

- Chief Petty Officer;

- Petty Officer;

- Leading Rating;

- Able Rating;

- Ordinary Rating;

- Trainee.

Nigerian Navy ranks - commissioned officer

Ranks for Commissioned Navy officer

From the highest-ranking officer to the lowest.

- Admiral of the Fleet;

- Admiral;

- Vice-Admiral;

- Commodore;

- Captain;

- Commander;

- Lieutenant Commander;

- Lieutenant;

- Sub-Lieutenant;

- Acting Sub-Lieutenant;

- Mid-Shipman.

Naval officers

How much does the Navy pay?

A Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on his/her rank. The information below does not contain the Navy pay scale of all ranking officers in the Nigerian Navy. We were only able to get information on the salaries of the high-ranking commissioned officers.

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Annual salary of high-ranking commissioned officers

- Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – ₦16,303,140;

- Rear-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945;

- Rear-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945

- Commodore earns ₦7,385,856;

- Captain earns ₦3,715,859;

- Commander earns ₦3,380,086.

Dreaming about the white decorated uniform of the Navy officer, high social position, and respectable salary? Join the Nigerian Navy and build a perfect career.

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