Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan

Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan

What do you know about Oriflame? It`s not only a popular cosmetic but also an opportunity to earn some money. Oriflame provides an opportunity to create your own business by multilevel marketing model. Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan has already become a fortune plan for hundreds of Nigerians. You can also be one of them. This article will give you a full review about Oriflame Nigeria.

Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan

Oriflame Nigeria Compensation Plan

Oriflame Nigeria

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The initial payment to start in Oriflame Nigeria business is N1200. After that, you can become either an Oriflame sales consultant or Oriflame distributor. This company also has special training courses for their business partners.

It`s called the Oriflame Academy, where you can learn how to sell products. It consists of online training, e-courses, audio lessons, videos on YouTube, PowerPoint presentations and Skype training. These simple tools may greatly help newbies to become professionals in the business.

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Oriflame in Nigeria

Oriflame in Nigeria provides a Unilevel compensation plan! What does it mean? It means that you can register people under you. These people earn you money each time they buy products. Oriflame provides you two ways of earning money in Nigeria.

  • The first way is the products retailing. If you are an Oriflame Sales consultant or Oriflame distributor – you can enjoy a discount of 23% on all products. You have access to a catalog containing products and their prices. You earn your money from the retailing of the products.
  • The second option is to build your own team of sales managers.

Oriflame Nigeria has a system of ranking within their managers. Let`s start from the head to the lowest levels.

  • Executive Director (it`s a top position in Oriflame Nigeria);
  • Regional Director;
  • Senior Regional Manager;
  • Regional Manager;
  • Senior District Manager;
  • District Manager;
  • Senior Group Manager;
  • Group Manager;
  • Elite Consultant;
  • Consultant (it`s the lowest position in the hierarchy)

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Executive Director

If you want to earn commissions from your team, then you need to place a personal order every month. Oriflame Nigeria can provide you with:

  • Paid expense trips;
  • Car allowances;
  • Free products;

There are a lot of perks on each level of the Oriflame hierarchy. Still, your path on this career ladder will not only depend on quantity of sold goods or teammates. The quality of teammates also plays a major role in your path to glory.

It means that if you want to become a senior district manager, then you need to have at least two district managers. These people will help you to become a leader and not an army of consultants. Still, every person in your team is valuable to you.

What will you have if you become a member of Oriflame Nigeria family?

What will you have if you become a member of Oriflame Nigeria family?
  1. First, you become an independent Oriflame sales consultant. You will be considered as an independent entrepreneur. for other business network communities
  2. You will have tools in your hands to start a legitimate business. Oriflame Nigeria start-up but ambitious business. You can expect fast growth in few years.
  3. This company is a great experience for you! From the very beginning you will enter into the beauty sphere.
  4. You do not a risk high amount of money when you enter the business or exit it!
  5. This company ensures that all operations and transactions are user-friendly. It means that you will have no problems in managing your business operations.

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What is Oriflame?

Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan

Oriflame is a multination business which was established in Sweden in 1967. Two brothers, Robert and Jonas Jocknick, became creators of this multi-billion company. Today Oriflame is a marketplace for new businesspersons and one of the most iconic cosmetic firm. Oriflame presents a large variety of products including:

  • Accessories;
  • Color cosmetics;
  • Wellness;
  • Hair care;
  • Fragrances;
  • Skin care products.

Why choose Oriflame?

Why do you choose Oriflame?

Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan provides you with an opportunity to become an independent entrepreneur. All Oriflame products are made according to standards of EU. It means that you will get no complaints about the quality of products.

Still, the Oriflame company is not a golden fish. It can`t make you rich if do not work hard enough. This company has over thirty years of experience in the market. Several millions of people work with them and earn money. Why don't you join them?

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