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Damola Olatunji wife and children

Damola Olatunji wife and children

As you've rightly noted we are going to tell about Damola Olatunji wife and their children. Probably, everyone is interested in some interesting facts about the life of the main hero of this article.

Damola Olatunji

Damola Olatunji

Damola Olatunji is one of the most famous Yoruba actors. Nollywood film industry should be proud of having such a talented and endowed actor. His film archive has almost 50 different movies. We may say that he likes to be starred in actions films. However, despite this, he is in-demand actor in many genres.

The Nigerian actor was the second child in his family. By the way, the birthplace is Edo Agbo, which is situated in Osun State. His parents gave him quite a good scholarship. In his childhood he got his primary and secondary education without any problems. Then, he preferred to enter to the Yaba College in Lagos. He graduated from this place having received the degree in Electrical Engineering.

Damola Olatunji - Nigerian actor

Damola plays a part

It often happens that a child wants to be an actor. If he or she has such a desire it will have place in theirs life. However, in our case Damola Olatunji didn’t see himself as a famous actor. His dream was to become an engineer. But suddenly he decided to change the activity.

The fortune favoured him to join a drama group. Very quickly he was an active participant of the stage plays. Then he was invited by his friend, who was working in the movie industry. The first his role in the movie “Ojo” brought him a fame as well as good reputation.

Who is Damola Olatunji wife?

Damola Olatunji wife

Damola Olatunji wife

According to the information given by the informed person he had a wife, who is currently outside Nigeria. The reason for this is that young actor was engaged in love affairs with another girl. When his previous wife got to know about the romance she decided to stay in the United Kingdom not to go back.

After a while it became known that this girl is a Nigerian actress as well – Bukola Awoyemi. By the way, the romance between ‘Romeo and Juliet’ started at a movie location. This event run off everybody’s feet. This bud of promise actress has caught his heart.

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The atmosphere around their relationship was picking up steam every day. Among the most popular questions was – what has cut a swath of the actor to this woman. Probably, it was her delightful smile and appearance. Later he confessed that her charm was so strong that he couldn’t stay aside.

Nevertheless, the decision was made. He broke up his year-old-marriage with his previous beloved. Nowadays, Damola Olatunji wife is Bukola Awoyemi. The informed person also claimed that she had no serious relations in the past. However, she is not an angel, despite her public behavior today.

Damola Olatunji twins

Damola Olatunji wife and children

Damola Olatunji wife and children

After such shake-up in the life of Damola Olatunji and his family, he made up mind to start a real family. So, his new wife conceived the set of twins. On the 3rd of January 2015 they were born in the US under the guidance of qualified doctors. The twins got names Taiwo and Kehinde. After two-years-long maternity leave Bukky has returned to her labour of love, acting in Nollywood movies.

Wish the Olatunji family piece and mutual understanding, health to the angel-twins and new successful roles to their parents.

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