How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

The soft, docile, smooth hair is pleasant to the touch and also looks nice – most children have such hair. When we are growing up, for some reason, our hair becomes drier and looks not so impressive. Why is this happening? How to soften natural hair?

How to soften natural hair
How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

Most of the people agree that it is the fault of shampoos. But the trichologists give out a list of factors that influence the softness of the hair. Knowing these factors, as well as some traditional recipes how to make natural hair soft can certainly help you. The soft hair can be both genetically determined and acquired, so you should pay attention to this matter. Follow these tips and you’ll get the needed result.

How to wash hair?

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

Hard water is the most common version of the causes of coarse hair. Water has solutions of various salts, chlorine residues, which are used for water disinfection. They dehydrate the hair, providing the dryness and stiffness, even itching is possible. You can solve this question using a quite simple way - you can install a water filter or boil water for washing the hair - the effect is stunning. The soft water significantly reduces the consumption of shampoo; hair often does not require a balm or conditioner after washing. As hard water is a major cause of the coarse hair in 50% of cases, the proposed measures are enough.

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Alternatively, you can think about such reason as wrong-chosen shampoo. Most often it is cheap variant containing parabens - the presence of this component must be mentioned on the jar. It should be replaced by a milder shampoo, you can even choose the appropriate tool in the section of children's cosmetics - products for kids always go through more strict control.

soften natural hair
How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

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Now there a lot of shampoos and moisturizers (masks, sprays, etc.) on sale, but you should carefully use such substances because the abundance of chemicals weakens the hair. It is necessary to choose shampoos which have vegetable-based broth, while the content of aggressive substances should be minimized in them. As for balms and conditioners, it is necessary to specify the presence of substances to soften coarse hair in their composition - lanolin, natural oils, citric acid and hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E.

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Yet another important factor is the water temperature. Do not develop the habit of washing head with hot water. It is enough to adjust the temperature in the range of 40-45 ° to wash the hair. Higher temperatures lead to more thorough degreasing of the skin and hair, causing activated sebum, and make the hair get ‘oily’ faster.

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

The frequency of washing is important too. Most of the today's manufacturers are oriented to the production of shampoos designed for everyday use. It is clear that in this case, the manufacturer takes care of its own revenue - more product sales will provide more profits for the company.

As for the hair, frequent washing constantly ‘washes out’ all the nutrients and at the same time it is exposed to hard water, shampoo, so it gradually loses its softness. Normally you should wash your hair at least once, in 3 days, more frequent hair washing is not allowed.

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How to soften natural black hair without chemicals?

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?
  • In folk medicine, if a woman wants to soften the hair she successfully uses all sorts of concoctions of herbs and plant extracts. Most of the funds have the broth of linden, chamomile, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice;
  • Another group of mitigating home remedies contains vegetable oils - flax, olive, burdock, buckthorn oil, etc. These masks are applied to the hair in a heated condition, covering the hair from roots to tips. Mask should be under thermal bath within half an hour. As the additional ingredients for masked with oil, you may use egg yolk and honey - these components also soften, nourish, moisturize and restore the hair effectively. Even the natural coarse hair can be softened using this mask at least once a week;
natural black hair
How to soften natural hair without chemicals?
  • If there is a real opportunity to hold the mask on your hair longer, you should leave the oil on the head until the morning - after such a long procedure, even very coarse hair changes significantly in the direction of softness and fast styling;
  • If you want to make a herbal mask to soften the hair, but at the same time providing hair in vitamins, you should mix one part of chamomile, linden, and nettle and pour - 3 tablespoons of this mixture must be put in 1 cup of boiling water. Then leave it for 30 minutes. Add 1 egg and oil solutions of vitamins - 1-2 drops to the ready-strained infusion. This receipt should be applied on the hair for 1 hour. After soaking, you can wash your hair with shampoo;
  • Trichologists, the real hair professionals, recommend eating plenty of fluids, which further heals the body;

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?
  • Soothing Mask: blue and black cosmetic clay. Mix the clay with the herbal decoction, it is necessary to combine both types and apply the mixture on the hair. It is necessary to carry out a massage, to rub the mask into the hair roots thoroughly. You should leave a mixture for only 5-7 minutes - wash off the mask with warm water;
  • Honey and oil in equal proportions also can be applied to the hair for half an hour before washing the head - this will nourish the hair and make it soft.

Soften hair with natural oils and masks

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

The most simple and yet effective tool against the coarse hair - masks of burdock or olive oil. Almond, jojoba oil can be used for treating hair. Add a tablespoon of oil to one or two egg yolks - this mask softens very well, moisturizes and restores hair. Leave it for about an hour, then rinse hair thoroughly with warm, but not hot water.

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Trichologists also recommend drinking plenty of clean water to ensure hair gets a sufficient amount of hair moisture from the inside and heals the body.

A few tips

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How to soften natural hair without chemicals?

If you want to know how to soften natural hair without relaxer, then you should also adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Minimize the use of electrical appliances for drying and styling hair - hair dryers, irons, curling irons make hair very dry and it leads to an even greater rigidity. Dryer can only be used on delicate cycle with cold air;
  2. Coarse hair often has a rough structure - to straighten and smooth out hair, air dryer should be directed from the upside down;
  3. Hair should be protected from direct sunlight - worth to buy a summer cap or hat;
  4. Coarse hair should not be dyed often - it becomes dry and brittle;
  5. As for the hairstyles, it is worth paying attention to the graded haircuts for short hair and medium length hair.

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If you need a natural hair relaxer you can use one of our recipes and check up the results!

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