15 health benefits of cucumber you might want to check out

15 health benefits of cucumber you might want to check out

We bet you had no idea that this ordinary vegetable is very good for our health. Read this article to get to know about amazing health benefits of cucumber, and you will eat it every day!

15 health benefits of cucumber
15 health benefits of cucumber

Humanity has known cucumbers for more than 6 thousand years. The homeland of this species is considered to be subtropical and tropical areas of China and India. It is noteworthy that there are cucumbers which still grow in natural conditions where they are not specifically cultivated.

Cucumbers have quite interesting composition – they consist of 95% of water, there is also a very small amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but the cucumbers contain enzymes that contribute to the rapid assimilation of proteins of animal origin.

Therefore, meat dishes are best to be eaten with a cucumber salad. Vitamins can be detected in the cucumbers such as Vitamin C, Vitamins of group B, pro-Vitamin A, enzymes, mineral and even aromatic substances. As for mineral salts, cucumbers are very high in potassium, whereas the fiber of the green vegetable stimulates the bowels.

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benefits of cucumber
15 health benefits of cucumber

Cucumbers are on the second place after the black radish if to speak about the number of alkaline salts. For those who don't know how useful such salts — we hasten to tell you that they neutralize the acidic compounds contained in many foods that lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body and cause premature aging, deposits of stones in the kidneys and liver. So, cucumbers, like radish are supposed to be "sanitation" of our body.

Also, cucumber contains a lot of iodine, and in such compounds, which are easily and quickly digested by the human body. Well, those who want to lose weight – simply must include in your diet these vegetables, as cucumbers delay the conversion process of carbohydrates into fats.

Also, using cucumber you can make a cleaning of the bowel — for this eat fresh cucumber and drink down a glass of water or milk – the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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Cucumber salad, the more the better

cucumber and properties
15 health benefits of cucumber

It is noteworthy that even the ancient people knew that cucumbers are very healthy vegetables growing in the garden. So, even Hippocrates said that this fresh green vegetable has antipyretic and tonic properties, and is recommended to all my many patients to drink cucumber water (juice) every day.

Modern scientists claim that cucumbers are the best medicine in cardiovascular diseases, and disorders of the kidneys and liver. They are also a good diuretic and cholagogue, and their use improves the appetite. It is useful to eat fresh cucumbers from the garden and those who suffer from various skin diseases – cucumber cleanse the skin and accelerate the regeneration processes of the skin.

Well, cucumbers can be included to every diet, because of their low calorie – it is a long time known fact that is not even negotiable to all nutritionists of the world. Some people even manage to organize themselves cucumber fasting days and eat on such days up to 2 pounds of cucumbers. However, to take such drastic steps – it is, of course, a purely personal thing, but to eat a fresh cucumber salad is right, for sure.

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cucumber health benefits
15 health benefits of cucumber

If the fresh cucumber is squeezed and the honey is added to the juice, then this drink is a great febrifuge, which helps bring down the fever.

Dentists also recommend cucumber, because they know that juice of these cucumbers can cure periodontal disease. And, here folk medicine and cosmetology, and they do claim that daily consumption of cucumbers will help you forget about such problems as hair loss, split ends, will prevent the development of atherosclerosis, a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, and in combination with carrots or beets will help cure rheumatism.

It is useful to eat fresh cucumbers for diabetics, as these vegetables reduce blood sugar levels. As for the fact that it the consumption of cucumbers does not cause allergies, it is a completely hypoallergenic vegetable that brings the most benefit effect, removing waste and toxins from our body, helps to eliminate stones from the gall bladder, helps with colitis, gout and even tuberculosis.

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Benefits of cucumber – the use in cosmetics.

cucumber in cosmetics
15 health benefits of cucumber

Using cucumber masks you can not only whiten the skin and get rid of freckles and age spots, but also to achieve the widely advertised effect of skin lifting. And, for this you do not need to buy expensive creams – just pick from the garden fresh cucumber and make from it a face mask. By the way, an application of cucumber also reduces puffiness in the eye area, reduce enlarged pores and protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet exposure.

Well, those who have a complex about cellulite and fatty deposits in inappropriate places, it is interesting to know that using cucumber pulp, which you will RUB into problem areas to get rid of cosmetic and aesthetic problems. So, bringing home fresh cucumbers – not only fill your stomach but don't forget about that due to this vegetable you can look attractive.

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Health benefits of cucumber

Cucumber recipes are such things that any housewife have and at every moment will tell you a dozen of recipes like tasty salt cucumbers. However, these pickles are not only a feast for the stomach but good for the body.

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These pickles are excellent in the case of removing harmful salts from the body and also remove toxins, cholesterol and promoting the digestion of animal proteins. So if you expected meat dishes for dinner – don't forget to put on the table a plate with crunchy pickles. Useful properties can be said about cucumber pickle – it can be used as a laxative and as a nightcap for those who suffer from insomnia.

However, remember if your medical record is a diagnosis of cholecystitis or acute hepatitis be careful with the pickles, they can exacerbate your conditions. Also, if you have reduced the secretory function of the stomach – these salty snacks should be abandoned.

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15 health benefits of cucumber

Someone who likes pickled cucumbers and someone who prefers rickled. Well, it is not surprising, as it is known, be in the eye of the beholder. Yes, and the method of pickling as a way to preserve and prepare food, humanity has used thousands of years. So, for example, on the territory of Nigeria the first mention of pickled products is dating back to the 16th century.

However, to be completely objective, though gentle and delicious, with the help of marinating you can store cucumbers for a long period of time and not to worry about them, but on a scale of usefulness pickles are still the leaders. Although, its use in them too – they help digestion, increase appetite and they are recommended to be eaten for those who want to get better (+ some kilos), because after a couple of pickles you will want to eat something more filling and substantial.

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It is also known that pickled cucumbers have a slight laxative effect, so if your plans were without laxative effect it should be better not to include them or at least not to overuse this product.

cucumber salad
15 health benefits of cucumber

This would end the conversation about pickles, if not for some facts which all should know. Because the process of pickling uses vinegar, the frequent use of pickles is injurious to tooth enamel, irritating the mucous membranes of the stomach and if you suffer an ulcer or gastritis with high acidity, you'd better refuse from such pickles. As for the use of the marinade – it is strictly forbidden to use because of the same acetic acid.

Besides, choosing between the marinated and salted cucumbers, remember that in the process of marinating up to 70% of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and other substances are lost and your cucumber ceases to be so useful.

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Another misconception is that the pickling destroys nitrates, so it is safer to eat pickled cucumbers. All to all, this is not a true fact. And if you really want to reduce a number of nitrates in cucumbers (this applies particularly fresh cucumbers), it is better to soak them in cold water and trim the tips (that they localize all the nitrate damage).

pickled cucumbers
15 health benefits of cucumber

Once upon a time, the cucumbers were salted in wooden barrels. And, the taste of cask cucumbers is strikingly different from the taste of those salted and pickled cucumbers, which we try with you today. The level of use of such a product is also different. Therefore, it is not surprising that with the help of cask cucumbers folk medicine treated various diseases, among them cardiovascular disease, diseases of the liver and kidney, obesity, gout, metabolic arthritis, dropsy, diseases of the thyroid gland.

It is quite clear that it is difficult to find in the city pickled cucumbers in a barrel and it is not always possible, but if you will have the opportunity to do or acquire such drum cucumbers – do not deny yourself this pleasure. It will not only tasty, but also useful for your health.

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Well, if you're a pregnant woman and you are tortured by morning sickness – just eat a couple of pickled cucumbers. Your baby will not be harmed, and you will get rid of the nagging feeling of morning sickness and nausea.

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