5 things ASUU has sworn to do to Unilorin and its students

5 things ASUU has sworn to do to Unilorin and its students

The famous University of Ilorin known with the slogan 'Better by far' has hit the rock bottom with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

5 things ASUU has sworn to do to Unilorin and its students
Unilorin is under heat from ASUU.

If you are familiar with the educational system in Nigeria, then you would understand that Unilorin is considered to be a loner since the school management does not want anything to do with ASUU.

Although the university is considered to be the people's choice considering their fast academic calendar, they have quite a reputation with ASUU for their arbitrariness,persecution of loyal members and violation of human and trade union rights.

On this note, ASUU has decided to take a bold step in dealing with the university. ASUU has plans to deal with the university with the steps taken. Check out the verdict passed on the university:

1. No academic and non-academic activities at the university

ASUU has banned Unilorin from carrying out any academic and non-academic activity. The members of the association has been asked to disrupt every activity in the university. The staff of this school are not allowed to carry out any work in the school premises.

2. Unilorin lecturers are not allowed to carry out academic activities in any Nigerian university

The association is bent on dealing with the university as they have passed a law forbidding the lecturers of the school from participating in any academic activity in other Nigerian universities. This means that the lecturers are being alienated from academic activities in the country.

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3. Imposition of sanctions

ASUU NEC has decided to impose sanctions on the university administration; during the period which the sanctioning would last, the university would not enjoy the cooperation or participation of academics of other Nigerian universities. The private universities are not considered in this clause.

4. Withdrawal of cooperation of other Nigerian lecturers

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has instructed its members in other universities not to assist Unilorin with any academic activity.

This means that research, teaching, assessment, moderation and setting of examination by other lecturers outside the university will not be possible for the time being. Part time lecturing, sabbatical, visiting and adjunct appointments will no longer be allowed.

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5. Journal review is no longer acceptable

The reviewing of academic papers and journals by other lecturers outside Unilorin is prohibited. Accreditation of institutions, courses, collaborative research, seminars, workshops will no longer be opened to the lecturers of this school.

Newsletters and journals from Unilorin would no longer be accepted. The journals from academic staff of the university will not be published in other Nigerian universities.

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