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9 reasons why healthy living is so important

9 reasons why healthy living is so important

Editor's note: Healthy living begins with the choices one makes, and it follows them all the way. Choosing to live healthy is the first step to healthy living.

Kingsley Felix, the partner blogger explains why enhancing and facilitating your healthy body through healthy living is critical.

Felix is the editor and webmaster for Healthable, one of Nigeria’s leading health and wellness blog.

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10 reasons why healthy living is so important

The man is eating healthy food for breakfast

Life is freely given. Everyone is at liberty to do whatever they need with their lives. However, a healthy body is necessary since; you can’t have all the fun, or enjoy life or even undertake whatever endeavour you need to without feeling well. Enhancing and facilitating your healthy body through healthy living is, therefore, critical. The fitness of the body begins with the food one eats, then translates to exercising to do away with unhealthy fats that accumulate in the body as well as enhance mental development, mental activity and enhanced creativity. It’s, therefore, necessary to watch what you eat and work out now and then to burn calories and keep fit.

1. Minimizes risk of illnesses

Healthy living minimizes the risks of infections and diseases. Eating healthy foods facilitates and boost one's immune system, reducing risks of infections, while working out will minimize the risks of among other diseases, chronic illness such as heart diseases, and depression.

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2. Keeps you fit and flexible

Working out enhances flexibility, one is hence safe at all times since you can manoeuvre their way out of a situation when faced with danger, and even be of help to others, say a burning house in case of danger.

3. Increase creativity

Healthy living doesn’t only have a role to play in your health but also in your business undertakings as well. Workouts stimulate the activities of the brain, enhancing productivity and creativity. This not only improves your health status but promotes your productive and profitable endeavours as well.

4. Weight reduction

Even though keeping fit is not necessarily for those losing weight, many have found themselves in the situation and working out helps them burn calories. A well-balanced diet and observation of healthy eating habits help in the maintenance of the achieved and desired body size.

Cultivating a healthy living isn’t easy neither is it something that is achieved overnight. It’s a gradual process that requires a lot of patience as well. Teaching children healthy lifestyle will help them grow to love this kind of life, and they grow to adapt it even as they grow up.

5. The benefits of working out

Working out doesn’t necessarily need always to be going to the gym, lifting heavy weights and doing heavy tasks as well. You need not strain your body, a little exercise a day, twenty to thirty minutes a day or a few minutes in the morning and later in the day is good enough. This will enable your body to adapt to the way of life, and you need not tire every time such that you need to take breaks to recover. The little effort you put on a daily basis, even walking to the office once in a while is good enough for your lifestyle. The exercise facilitates the metabolic functions of the body as well has to burn off extra fat in the body.

9 reasons why healthy living is so important

Healthy food

6. Reduction of stress and mood enhancement

This varies from a person to another, the degree of anger also being different from one person to another. Working out helps you focus your energy somewhere; in this case in the workout, in so doing, you get rid of the anger and stress and gain your positive energy once again hence keeping healthy

7. Yoga

This is another form of enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Different poses are used in yoga, enhancing one's concentration, flexibility as well as enhancing mental activities. All this promote a better and healthy lifestyle. Different possess are there and applicable to people of all ages, be it young or elders. They are also quite comfortable and a good health boost even to the sick.

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It can also be performed at different times and at different room temperature to enhance your experience. Some of the significance of yoga include:

- Improving concentration

Yoga involves a lot of concentration so that you are not left behind as people proceed to the next posture and also to feel the full effect of the pose. This is translated in the daily living facilitating better concentration in all activities one undertakes. It’s of importance to kids since they concentrate better in school as well.

- Enhance positive thinking

Yoga enables you to concentrate on channelling positive energy and getting rid of all negative energy that may intoxicate your mind. His results in a lot of productive results in the future as you gain the strength to say yes to the positive thoughts always.

- Weight loss

This can act as a mode of reducing body fat hence enhancing your health. In as far as it’s more of concentration, the different body movement as you move from one posture to another, is a form of exercise and helps burn calories as well.

Reduces body pain, through the release of hormones that deal with pain in case it arises, it also enhances flexibility through the various poses applicable.

Other ways of healthy living

8. Eating a well-balanced diet

This incorporates foods rich in carbohydrates that enable the body to gain energy, protein to repair the worn out tissues, vitamins; play a vital role in enhancing immunity as well as providing different nutrients required by the body. Fruits should also be a part of the diet.

9. Water

This is essential in all body metabolisms. All functions in the body require water to run effectively. Taking adequate water, therefore, will facilitate the proper functioning of the body systems as well as hydrate body cells and replacing of lost fluids.

Healthy living begins with the choices one makes, and it follows them all the way. Choosing to live healthy is the first step to healthy living. Then follows the step you take and the effort you put in enhancing the lifestyle. Choose to live healthy, not always shifting from healthy eating habits, and exercising to poor living habits. Adopting the lifestyle as a family or as a group of friends will also keep you motivate as you always keep each other in check and stick to strict procedure until it becomes a routine.

Kingsley Felix is the editor and webmaster for Healthable, one of Nigeria’s leading health and wellness blog. He is a web designer, a blogger and also the CEO of Kraftysprouts the parent company of Healthable.

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