Invasion of Ukraine: Captured Russian Soldiers Fear Death by Firing Squad (Video)

Invasion of Ukraine: Captured Russian Soldiers Fear Death by Firing Squad (Video)

Some captured Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces are now scared of returning back home because they may be sentenced to death by firing squad. They also said that their family have considered them dead.

One of the captured soldier also revealed that his parents had already prepared his funeral.

Invasion of Ukraine: Captured Russian soldiers fear death by firing squad (Video)
Some captured Russian soldiers fear death by firing squad if they are sent back home.
Source: UGC

According to reports from Ukraine over 13,500 Russian troops have been killed since February 24.

Meanwhile, different reactions have trailed the news of the surrender on social media.

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Zeny M. Lavadia

"I hope and pray that all soldiers who surrender will give a chance of living in Ukraine or other country, give them a chance to live a normal life again. I salute you Russians soldiers. Thank God for this great news."

Eric Min

This is so sad... these soldiers look like they don't want any part of this and are forced to fight for something that they really don't want to be a part of. honestly, its truly sad for everyone all around. really wishing for this war to end quickly."

Mihaela Ionescu

"So tragic and horrible! I wish them the best, I hope that can rebuild their lives in Ukraine or somewhere else, it is never too late to do good and meaningful things by helping however you can."

Mark Fryer

"This is absolutely outrageous that these soldiers who have surrendered for whatever reason, now face the possibility of execution by firing squad if they return home. This is so soul destroying that I can barely express my rage at the inhumanity of the situation and the psychological consequences for these young soldiers."

James Russell

"I have read that Russian officials had the same attitude about captured troops of the Red Army during the Stalinist era in WW2. There is a quote from mothers to sons going to war from ancient Sparta: "Come back with your shield or on it", meaning come back victorious or dead. To survive a defeat, or even worse, to be captured alive, was considered utterly shameful. Thousands of years later, the same ethos seems alive and well in some parts of the world. Therein lies the real shame."

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Meanwhile, reports that Russian troops on the order of President Vladimir Putin continue to destroy Ukraine to the consternation of the whole world.

As a result of this, many countries have slammed different sanctions on Russia and those associated with the Russian dictator. On of such high profile crony of Putin is Chelsea's Roman Abramovich who has been sanctioned by the United Kingdom government and the European Union. in this article has curated some videos of the devastation and man inhumanity to man being visited on Ukraine and her people.


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