"iPhone 15, N267k cloth": 10-Year-Old Girl Sends Christmas List to Mum, She Reacts in Video

"iPhone 15, N267k cloth": 10-Year-Old Girl Sends Christmas List to Mum, She Reacts in Video

  • A 10-year-old's Christmas list to her mother has stirred massive reactions on social media as people questioned it
  • Among the expensive things the kid wanted was an iPhone 15 and designer shoes and clothes worth thousands of naira
  • Many people who knew the mother always "spoils" her with expensive things said the parent was at fault

A woman was surprised when her 10-year-old daughter sent her a list of items she wanted for Christmas celebration.

The mother (@keyajames) brought the list online to show people as she read all of them out while examining the prices.

Expensive Christmas list in 2023/Girl's wish list.
The mother reacted to her daughter's Christmas list. Photo source: @keyajames
Source: TikTok

Kid's Christmas list

The first thing on the list was an iPhone 15. The mother quickly said she would not be getting her such an expensive item.

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She asked for a Jordan sneakers worth $160 (N186,219.84). There is also a kid's hoodie worth $230 (N267,691.03). Others are:

- A Polaroid camera

- Kid's Dior Converse

- Kid's smiley face slippers

- Aviator Nation jacket set

- Ugg slides

- Lululemon gift card

Watch her video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Sailor said:

"The only thing that makes sense and that list is the flamingo jelly cat."

melmelmelmel said:

"I mean if she has 2 pairs of Golden Goose - clearly you’ve set a standard."

Plutochalk said:

"As soon as you said she already has golden goose this list made sense. She already got expensive things."

Gummy<3 wondered:

"What the hell happened to kids wanting toys."

da_chi_roni said:

"Social media is raising these kids...the influence is real."

miranda bailee said:

"See id feel bad for you but that’s your fault."

Lyris said:

"Not a single toy in sight what is wrong w this new gen."

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nique wondered:

"She don't want no toys?!?"

FlyGirlKi said:

"This ain’t nobody fault but our own mama."

Parents gifted kid Cane Carso dog

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Source: Legit.ng

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