"You Are Very Handsome": Man's Video Goes Viral on TikTok Because of His Unique Nose

"You Are Very Handsome": Man's Video Goes Viral on TikTok Because of His Unique Nose

  • A man has unexpectedly gone viral on TikTok after he posted a video of himself without saying a single word
  • In the video, the man had transparent glasses placed on his head as people noticed his uniquely shaped nose
  • Many people who saw the video took to the comment section to talk about the man's nose, while some said he was handsome

A man with a uniquely shaped nose has unexpectedly gone viral on TikTok after posting a short video.

In the video, the man did not say anything; he just showed his face, and people immediately noticed his nose.

Man's unique nose makes him popular.
The man has become popular on TikTok because of his nose. Photo credit: TikTok/@user9271275686204.
Source: TikTok

The man had a puffy face with his nose looking big and flat. He wore his glasses on his forehead, but towards the end of the clip, he wore them properly.

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At the moment, the video, which was posted by @user9271275686204, has generated more than 11k comments and over 1.7 million views.

Watch the video below:

Social media users react to man's unique nose

After watching the video, some people said the man was handsome, while others made fun of him.

@madame honey said:

"You will have a lot of money if you make a zombie film."

@paranawe said:

"When I think of paradise I will say that you are very beautiful."

@Rozzey asked:

"Who nose tomorrow."

@syllafatoumata86 said:

"Since I was born I have never seen someone more beautiful than you."

@Steed972 commented:

"If you sneeze it's over for us!"

@san_ja_art said:

"Pregnancy can humble anyone."

@Jeff5mevitess said:

"He looks like a mathematic teacher."

@Alassane commented:

"Why are people making fun of him?"

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@ALIENs said:

"You are very handsome."

@Gloria the candy said:

"He must pay the environmental tax because he consumes too much oxygen than the others."

@medneyc2 said:

"He breathes well."

Lady with big nose says no man wants her

Earlier, Legit.ng reported that a lady cried out on TikTok, saying no man wanted her because of her nose.

In the video, it was noticed that the lady had a big nose that was uniquely shaped.

She said she had no boyfriend, and no man wanted to be with her.

Source: Legit.ng

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