We All Fell for Him: Cute Triplet Sisters Dating the Same Man Reveal, Say They Plan Getting Married to Him

We All Fell for Him: Cute Triplet Sisters Dating the Same Man Reveal, Say They Plan Getting Married to Him

  • Evelyn Wanjiru, Mary Muthoni and Catherine Wanjiru are the Kenyan triplets who fell in love with the same man
  • The identical triplet sisters divulged that they all date Big Man Stivo because they have the same feelings and interests
  • Mary disclosed that even though they are still bonding and getting used to the man, they are all planning to tie the knot with him

While the marriage of two identical sisters to one man came as a surprise to many, triplet sisters from Kenya are about to settle down with one husband. The story of Eve, Mary and Cate is interesting. They strikingly look alike and funnily, they have the same feelings and interests.

The identical triplet sisters revealed they are seeing the same man who fell in love with them on different occasions.

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Kenyan Identical Triplets (Mary, Cate and Eve) (l), all dating Big Man Stivo (flanked). Photo: Mary.
Source: UGC

He loves us equally

Speaking exclusively to a trusted Kenyan media outlet Tuko, they said they are very happy with dating the same man because he gives them the same amount of love and attention.

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"As far as he loves us equally we are cool with it," Mary told Brian Ajon.

Falling in love with our man

Mary disclosed that it was Cate who spotted the love of their lives first and when she shared the news with the rest, they also confessed to admiring the guy.

'“Cate saw him and told us about him and we all fell for him," Mary said.

Going on date separately

Mary said despite their busy schedule in content creation they always find time to hang out with their man.

"We are always busy most of our weekends but at least once a week he meets us separately and treats us.

"He usually meets Mary on Monday, Eve on Tuesday and Cate on Wednesday," she added.

The beautiful triplet sisters said they have been dating this man for one and a half years now and are planning to marry him.

Man marries triplets sisters on the same day

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a man had married triplet sisters together on the same day.

In an interview with AfriMax, Luwizo revealed he first fell in love with Natalie, who he met on social media and couldn't resist.

Whenever Luwizo would visit Natalie's home, and she was not around, he would be welcomed by one of the triplets and couldn't differentiate them. With time, they both fell in love with him.

Source: Legit.ng

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