Find your Rhythm: oraimo Officially Launches Open Audio Series

Find your Rhythm: oraimo Officially Launches Open Audio Series

Find your Rhythm: oraimo Officially Launches Open Audio Series

oraimo has once again reinforced its standing as the number 1 consumer electronics brand in Nigeria. From its recent Burna Boy brand ambassadorship deal to the introduction of its one-of-a-kind smart charging technology---Anifast, this brand has continuously dominated the market for all the right reasons.

oraimo is establishing itself as a brand of the future led by technology but most importantly consumer insights. With insights that project 2.5 billion people will have some degree of hearing loss, and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation, oraimo has designed an innovative device that minimizes hearing damage and keeps the ear canal healthy.

Introducing OpenCirclet and OpenPods

For many, the use of audio devices prevents an active awareness of their surroundings. For some, it has even resulted in dangerous situations such as not being aware of a car horning or the sound of unrest happening around them.

oraimo solves this problem through its new open audio series–the OpenCirclet and OpenPods.

The open-ear design enables you to listen to music and stay aware of your surroundings at the same time. This means users can keep spatial awareness and monitor their environment to stay clear of harm’s way.

As the name implies, it is structured in a way that nothing stays in the ear. The open-ear air conduction is also different from regular bone conduction. It can achieve sound quality that surpasses some world-class brands of air conduction through optimization of the sound structure and exclusive audio algorithms.

This genius innovation is one that seeks to satisfy and solve its users' everyday challenges.

What are the benefits?

Open-ear Air Conduction Technology

The open audio series differs from conventional earphones with its air conduction feature, which transmits sound to the eardrum in the form of sound waves through the air medium.

This eliminates the discomfort, as well as hearing damage caused by listening to music at high volumes for prolonged periods of time. The exclusive directional audio algorithm minimizes sound leakage and keeps your privacy as well


The open-ear design is created in such a way that nothing is in the ears.

This structure provides super comfort for the user. Enjoying your audio accessory for prolonged periods of time just got easier.

Hear Your Surroundings

The open audio series allows the user to listen to music and clearly hear his/her surroundings at the same time.

This provides a unique experience for users, enabling them to enjoy their daily activities with music without losing awareness of their surroundings.

Stable Design/Nothing in Ears

The open-air design ensures that the user feels no discomfort while wearing the accessory, allowing for an enjoyable user experience.

Zero Hearing Damage

As there is nothing in the ears, it helps minimize hearing damage and keep the ear canal healthy.

HavyBass™️ Sound-tuning technology

oraimo’s proprietary sound-tuning increases low-frequency for deep and powerful bass in music It gives a sublime experience for music lovers with the exclusive bass boost system. the sound is a quality much better than most big open audio brands. For this product, oraimo collaborated with experts who have worked in Harman Kardon.

Sweat Protection

The open-ear audio series is sweat resistant and prevents easy damage from prolonged moisture.

Battery Strength

With up to 16hrs battery strength on the OpenCirclet and up to 40hrs battery strength on the OpenPods, the open audio series can be used for extended periods of time without requiring charging. This provides the user with an enjoyable product experience.

Who are both products for?

oraimo open audio series is for anyone who loves to stay in tune with their environment while going about their daily activities.

It’s for fashion lovers, who want a comfortable and reliable audio accessory that makes them look good.

It’s for those who enjoy outdoor activities and need the best active audio accessory to complement their lifestyle.

And it’s for the tech-savvy, who love new innovations and would love to experience the open-ear design and HavyBass™️ feature.

Find your Rhythm: oraimo Officially Launches Open Audio Series

Where can they be bought?

Both products can be bought via the oraimo e-shop and in any of their partner stores nationwide.

Just like always, we can expect oraimo to continually deliver on their promise of providing the best possible user experience for their customers, through reliable and well-engineered gadgets and appliances. The only way is truly up from here.



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