Man Charges His Tesla Electric Car at Home, Says He Spent Almost 24hrs to Have Full Battery, Shares Video

Man Charges His Tesla Electric Car at Home, Says He Spent Almost 24hrs to Have Full Battery, Shares Video

  • A young man has made a video about his Tesla car to show people how long it takes to charge it at home using a normal power socket
  • Unlike charging at a power station that would take less time, the car's system read it would use close to 24hrs to charge from 20% to 100%
  • Many people who reacted to his video said that the $12.8 electricity cost the charge took is quite affordable

A man who has a TikTok page with content around his Tesla Model 3 has made a video of him charging his electric car.

The man said he wanted to know how long it would take his Tesla to charge using a normal socket at home.

Tesla Model 3/charging Tesla electric car at home.
The checked on the car at intervals while it was charging. Photo source: TikTok/@ryanjaycowan
Source: UGC

He spent $12.18 (N5,108.17)

After getting the car's power cable and plugging it in, the system read close to 24 hours. Before charging it, the vehicle's battery was 20%.

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When the man came back after 15 hours, the car had charged more than 55%. The man revealed that after calculating the cost of electricity to give his car a full charge, it was $12.18 (N5,108.17) to charge his Tesla.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Alex Aft said:

"diesel is better."

Izak Rebin said:

"how far or how many Miles can you drave with full charge?"

Michael Sharpe joked:

"Boss, can't come in today. cars still charging."

YAHIKO said:

"IT TAKES 24HOURS AT HOME. Charging Tesla at a Tesla power station will do in 30 min, And will cost you 5-6 dollars."

Anthony Alfano joked:

"Just put it on airplane mode and it will charge faster."

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Jason Piloton said:

"Wondering why I watched this. I dont even have any money to buy a normal car."

user333324611271 aid:

"Do you guys not realize the car doesn’t have to be at 100% to use it?"

Man took his Tesla to a filling station

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man and his friend caused a big scene in Lagos state and it was an interesting drama to behold.

In a video that has since become sensational content online, he drove a Tesla to a petrol station. Before the car was driven into the station, the man already anticipated how funny the reactions of the people around would be.

At the pump, the attendant kept asking the man to re-park so that his tank opening would face the dispenser.


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