Nigerian Driver Uses Tree Branches To Make Car Wipers, Video Shows It On Danfo Bus in Lagos

Nigerian Driver Uses Tree Branches To Make Car Wipers, Video Shows It On Danfo Bus in Lagos

  • A Danfo bus has been seen in a viral video carrying two small branches of a tree used as a wiper for the windscreen
  • The small branches have plenty of leaves and were attached to the yellow rickety bus, and the driver does not seem bothered
  • The short clip shows the leafy wipes going back and forth, cleaning the water from the windscreen as it rained

A viral video said to have been recorded in Lagos has shown a rather unusual sight.

In the short clip, a Danfo bus was seen with a wiper different from the regular ones on other cars. The yellow bus had two small tree branches attached to the car windscreen.

Danfo bus seen under rain in Lagos.
The wipes worked during rain. Photo credit: @maziibe_.
Source: Twitter

The video showed the two leafy branches wiping water as it rained heavily on the yellow, rickety bus. It was not known if the unorthodox wiper actually did the work perfectly or was just there for nothing.

One only hopes it does not block the driver's view while driving, as this may cause problems for other road users.

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Social media users who have seen the video are saying such things can only happen in Lagos.

Watch the video below:

Driver uses small car to transport big container

In a related story, reported that a Nigerian driver was seen using a small car to transport a big container.

The town where the scary video was recorded was not mentioned but social media users agreed that the container was far heavier than the car.

The driver of the car drove on a busy road even as the container shielded the views of other motorists. The scary video went viral and elicited condemnations from social media users who saw it.

Funny plate number elicits hilarious comments

Also, reported a car in Lagos had an unusual plate number which asked people to look up.

Instead of the normal place, the plate number was placed on the roof of the car. Then down where it is supposed to be, there is a notice asking onlookers to look up.

The photos got funny knocks from social media users after it was shared on Twitter.


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