Stubborn Secondary School Kids Scatter Class, Drag Each Other, Student Jumps on Teacher's Back in Funny Video

Stubborn Secondary School Kids Scatter Class, Drag Each Other, Student Jumps on Teacher's Back in Funny Video

  • A trending video has shown the hilarious but disturbing moment some students turned their class upside down
  • From the video, it appeared there was a misunderstanding between two kids who probably wanted to fight dirty
  • In the ensuing commotion, there was a mild drama as one of the students jumped on the back of their teacher and refused to alight

A small drama played out in a secondary school class when the kids scattered everywhere in what looked partly like a serious fight.

From what was gleaned in the video seen on Twitter, there was a furious kid who seemed set for an onslaught on one other child who was being restrained by his mates.

Secondary school kids scatter their class.
One of the students jumped and landed on a teacher's back. Photo credit: @KamoMagwegwe
Source: Twitter

Student jumps on teacher's back

In the resulting commotion, there was a free fall as the two fighting kids were being held back. Desks and chairs were hit and pushed or overturned.

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Meanwhile, in front of the class, there was an elderly man standing just before the chalkboard. He seemed to be their teacher from the countenance on his face.

But just in a moment, a kid jumped high and landed on the teacher's back and hung there like an infant. It was like he had it all planned out that the moment he jumped, he perfectly caught the man unawares.

Some of the kids who had time to look in that direction saw him and what he did and burst out laughing very loud.

Watch the video here

Social media users react

@Adoradomingo1 said:

"But was he beating the teacher here? I don’t understand?"

@MrMakhubo_ commented:

"Something's fundamentally wrong with these kids, all of them. The breakdown of families, as well as societal morals and values (whatever that is) has disintegrated. Poor teacher is probably on his last 2 years before retirement after a long respectable career and now this?"

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@lovejoneshitch7 said:

"Tomorrow it will be an attack on a female teacher and they won’t find it amusing."

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