Young Man Sees Doll on Road in Prank Video, His Friend Runs & Leaves Him As He Faints

Young Man Sees Doll on Road in Prank Video, His Friend Runs & Leaves Him As He Faints

  • A video was posted online that showed two men being pranked using a doll that they thought was haunted
  • The clip shows the doll moving without being touched and the men fleeing after it zoomed towards them, with one guy collapsing
  • Peeps laughed out loud at the prank and were tickled further by the caption of the post, which gave way to a flurry of jokes

Jeanie posted a video online that showed the reactions of two men who were being pranked using a haunted doll.

In the clip, one of the frightened men faints, which turned out to be hilarious and was the centre of the comments that followed.

Jeanie wittily captioned the clip:

"This man’s soul checked out on him!"
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A guy who was frightened by a haunted doll reacted unexpectedly and peeps were left in stitches. Image: @alove_1980/Twitter, Getty Images
Source: Twitter

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People found the prank funny

Peeps were rolling on the floor with laughter after seeing Jeanie's clip on Twitter. They were tickled even further by her caption and made hilarious jokes about the man's soul leaving his body.

@AaronPa86465757 said:

"The video is funny as it is but your description of what happened makes it perfect!"

@jellybean_85 said:

@JDoubleA827 said:

"His body took a screenshot and powered down."

@sleepyboi_b7n said:

@JDoubleA827 said:

"Phasmophobia in real life....his soul didn't check out, the dam*n ghost killed him by attacking him first lol and just like everyone who plays with a friend, the friend ditches you and runs in fear, lol."

Man scares stranger

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a popular prankster, Boris Becker, took his pranks to New York and it almost got out of hand in a viral video.

On the walkway, the content creator saw a man in a Hulk costume and suddenly ran into his path to scare him before he started dancing.

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The stranger struck a pose that showed he was ready for a fight. When he saw that Boris was only playing, he got vexed and moved on, jabbing the air in frustration.

Pranked old man got N50,000

In similar news, a Nigerian prankster and content creator on Instagram revealed that after he played a prank on an old man, someone reached out to him.

The stranger said he will like to give his prank subject the sum of N50,000. After the offer was made, the content creator went in search of the man.


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