Young Man Shares Emotional Breakup Story, Says Girlfriend Left Him 1 Month After He Donated Kidney to Her Mum

Young Man Shares Emotional Breakup Story, Says Girlfriend Left Him 1 Month After He Donated Kidney to Her Mum

  • A viral TikTok trend saw men across the world share their worst experiences with their exes
  • Uziel Martinez from Mexico said he donated a kidney to his girlfriend’s mum, not knowing the heartbreak that would follow
  • The woman dumped Martinez weeks later and ended up marrying another man

To what end would you go to show love for your partner? Well, a man has narrated how he was dumped shortly after donating an organ to his girlfriend's mother.

Uziel Martinez shared his heartbreaking story.
Uziel Martinez was dumped by his girlfriend after donating a kidney to her mother. Photos: Uziel Martinez.
Source: UGC

The TikTok user named Uziel Martinez from Mexico recounted the moment he was dumped by the woman weeks after donating his kidney to her mother.

Through a series of videos, Martinez said he had heroically stepped up to save the life of his ex’s mother.

Sadly for Martinez, a teacher, the kidney donation to his mother-in-law could not salvage the relationship as he was dumped shortly after.

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Marrying another man

The Mirror reports that his ex has since married another man, adding insult to injury. Martinez talked about the nightmare breakup as part of a TikTok trend in which men recounted their worst experiences with exes.

He said in one of the videos:

"I donated a kidney to her mother, she left me and got married a month later."

The video went viral, attracting over 14 million views and making headline news in Mexico.

Martinez says he moved on

After going viral, the TikToker insisted that he had gotten over the breakup and had no beef with his ex while admitting he did not expect to go viral.

“I’m fine, I’m fine emotionally, and I think so is she. I have nothing against her. We are on good terms.

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"We are not friends, but neither do we hate each other. I only did it to make a TikTok. I didn’t think this was going to get out of control,” he said.

My brother's wife left and I am happy

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young lady with the Twitter handle @NanaAK30 went online to say that she was really happy when her brother's wife dumped him.

The lady stated that she was even more joyful when the wife remarried and started showing off her husband.

In a cryptic way that suggests that her brother is not worth the woman, @NanaAK30 said:

"...because family or not, trash is trash."


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