Dog Becomes Billionaire After Inheriting N205.4bn, Plans to 'Sell' Its House for N13m

Dog Becomes Billionaire After Inheriting N205.4bn, Plans to 'Sell' Its House for N13m

  • A dog, Gunther VI, which is worth $500 million (N205,420,000,000) in inheritance is planning on selling his mansion for $31.75 million (N13,044,170,000)
  • The dog is a descendant of Gunther III that inherited a vast fortune from its owner, Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992
  • Among the dog's many properties is a big building in Tuscan, Italy which has been reported to be its main home

A German shepherd, Guther VI, has become the latest billionaire in town after a huge inheritance worth millions of dollars was passed down to it.

The dog is estimated to be worth around $500 million (N205,420,000,000) and it lives in a Miami mansion, Daily Star reports.

Dog inherits N205.4bn from its owner, becomes latest billioniare in town
The dog is also said to fly in private jets. Photo source: @dailystar
Source: Instagram

How it was willed

It should be noted that Gunther VI is the offspring of a lovely pet, Gunther III, that inherited a large fortune from its owner, German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992.

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The great-grandfather of Gunther VI inherited the sum about 30 years ago when its committed owner willed it, Business Journals reports.

How the wealth is passed down

For decades, a group of handlers has been guarding the fortune to ensure that only the Gunther bloodline enjoys the wealth in a life of great comfort.

Some of the wealth was used to buy a home that is now up for sale for $31.75 million (N13,044,170,000),

It should be noted that the house is not the dog’s main home as it has one in Italy. The dog’s real estate listing is being supervised by Ruthie and Ethan Assouline.

See his photo below: compiled some of the reactions:

stanblewitt_ said:

"If your going to make cl*t bait stories on mason mount do it on something that could be real."

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l1zbomb said:

" Rex is defo related to him."

clojhughes90 said:

"All dogs should live like this."

Man plans to sell dog for N1.1m

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man with the social media handle @KidMarleymusic stirred massive conversation after offering to sell a dog for N1.1m.

He said that the dog is 6 months old. Many people could not just help but wonder why such a pet would be so expensive.

Many people jokingly asked if he wants to sell a house, a dog, or both as they just could not place buying the animal for that much.


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