Lady Who Returned From Saudi Arabia With 2 Kids After Lovers Abandoned Her Discloses She’s 5 Months Pregnant

Lady Who Returned From Saudi Arabia With 2 Kids After Lovers Abandoned Her Discloses She’s 5 Months Pregnant

  • A few weeks ago, reported on the story of Merab Wanjiku, the woman who came back to the country with two kids from two Sudanese baby daddies
  • Wanjiku is also five months pregnant with a child from an Arab lover whom she lived with
  • Unfortunately, the Arab guy also dumped her when he learnt that she was pregnant and that was when she decided to come back to the country

The story of Merab Wanjiku left many mouths agape after she narrated how she came back to Kenya with two children from deadbeat Sudanese men after years in Saudi Arabia.

Merab will soon be a mother of six children.
Merab Wanjiku disclosed she is five months pregnant a month after coming back from Saudi Arabia. Photo: Baruthi Wa Thayu.
Source: UGC

Wanjiku had left the country seven years ago following her abusive marriage to her Kenyan husband and from which she brought three wonderful children to the world.

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Speaking to Baruthi Wa Thayu YouTube channel, the Kiambu woman detailed how a string of events led her to have romantic relationships with two Sudanese men, all of who left her pregnant and took to their heels.

However, as she was narrating this ordeal, she left a bit of information out of fear of judgement and humiliation, given her story had already left many shocked.

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Five-months pregnant

The mother of five, nevertheless, has now revealed that she is five months pregnant with her sixth child; the father of the child is a Saudi Arabian man whom she lived with before coming back to Kenya.

She traced her third pregnancy to the time when she got pregnant with her second child (Angel) in the Middle-East nation.

Wanjiku recounted that Angel's father, the second Sudanese man she was romantically involved with, left her to struggle on her own. She, however, got a shoulder to lean on from the Arab man.

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"After he left (the Sudanese man), I was left homeless, and around this time, this Arab guy had been pursuing me for quite some time despite being in a relationship with a woman who was a friend of mine," she said.

The man would later even look for her on Facebook and that was when she gave in to his advances, given she was pregnant with her second child, in a foreign country and with no job.

They met and he even helped her with some hospital bills during the second pregnancy but they went their separate ways after he got into an accident.

During this time, she struggled to survive especially after the birth of the second baby.

She said it was tough finding a job and also getting someone to look after her two young children.

Reconnecting with the Arab man

Worse got to worst after the woman who was hosting her and helping with her babies started treating her with contempt. She reconnected with the Arab guy who allowed her to move in with him and with her two children.

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"I looked for him because I had no one to turn to. I went to live with him and that was how I got pregnant (for the third time in Saudi Arabia)," she said adding the pregnancy took her by surprise given she was using family-planning pills."

Unfortunately, just like her previous baby daddies, the Arab lover also threw her out and abandoned her after he learnt she was pregnant.

This was when she decided to come back home. She surrendered at a deportation centre.

She came back to the country a month ago, and since her story was aired, she has been receiving help from various well-wishers. The Kenyan woman is a mother of five and soon to be a mother of six.

Another woman abandoned by her lovers

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young woman cried out in a video about having children for two white men who abandoned her. She was left to take care of the kids.

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The woman said she met the first man who was a contract worker at a building site. After his contract expired, he left for his country despite knowing she was already pregnant.

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