"I Don't Like Tight Outfits": Funnyfrosh Shares His Skits Inspiration, Most Expensive Fashion Item

"I Don't Like Tight Outfits": Funnyfrosh Shares His Skits Inspiration, Most Expensive Fashion Item

  • Skit maker Funnyfrosh has revealed what informs the kind of skits he makes, and what he does to make them funny
  • In an interview with Legit.ng, he also spoke about his favourite accessory and what it cost him to get one of his expensive fashion items
  • Also, he opened up on the kind of outfits he adorns, adding that he does not like attires that stick to his skin

Nigerian skit maker Ibikunle Akorede, aka Funnyfrosh, has said that his contents are inspired by the daily activities in society.

Funny shares the inspiration behind his skits
Funnyfrosh speaks on his most expensive fashion accessory and other issues. Image credit: @funnyfrosh/Instagram
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Legit.ng, he noted that though his favourite fashion accessory is his wristwatch, his most expensive fashion accessory is a diamond necklace and it is worth N1.5m.

Daily happenings inspire my skits -Funnyfrosh reveals

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The funny content creator shared the inspiration behind the skits he makes regularly for his audience. He said:

"My skits are influenced by things that happen every day. I just like to put exaggeration into it to make it comic. They are contents that people can relate to."

What is Funnyfrosh's favorite fashion item?

The funnyman also revealed what his favourite fashion accessory is.

"My most expensive fashion item would be my wristwatch. My diamond necklace is my most expensive fashion accessory. It is worth N1.5m."

The skit maker, who has created wealth for himself through what he does, spoke about his fashion sense, and if he has ever thought about plaiting his hair as some men do.

"I wear what I like. I like big clothes, polos, and trousers, and that is what inspires my fashion sense. I don't like any outfit that is tight. I have thought about plaiting my hair before but I have never done it. When I was younger, I had dreads. But since when I cut them off, I have always kept a simple look. I feel it is what fits me. Plaiting my hair is not my thing."

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