Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED – The World's First 14" Dual-Screen OLED Laptop

Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED – The World's First 14" Dual-Screen OLED Laptop

Zenbook Duo laptops are known for their dual-screen design, featuring a primary display along with a secondary touchscreen display, known as the ScreenPad Plus. This design is particularly popular among professionals and creatives who benefit from the extra screen real estate for multitasking or using specialized software tools.

Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED – The World's First 14" Dual-Screen OLED Laptop

The 2024 Zenbook Duo (UX806) is designed to be the ultimate everyday computer for anyone who needs to juggle multiple applications. The 2024 Zenbook Duo is perfect for this kind of lifestyle. It offers a convenient experience for working with big data arrays and multiple apps, even when an external LCD monitor is not available. With four different form-factor related modes, including dual-screen, desktop, and classic laptop, the 2024 Zenbook Duo is the perfect companion for every manager or team leader.

The Pros & Cons of the Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED

Innovative Dual-Screen Design: The dual 14-inch 3K OLED touchscreens offer an expansive and immersive workspace, perfect for multitasking and creative professionals.Powerful Performance: The Intel Core Ultra 9 processor and Intel Arc Graphics deliver exceptional performance for demanding tasks.AI Capabilities: The integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) accelerates AI-related tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.Stunning Visuals: The OLED displays offer vibrant colours, deep blacks, and high contrast for an immersive viewing experience.Lightweight and Portable: The magnesium-aluminium alloy chassis makes the Zenbook Duo lightweight and easy to carry.Glossy Display: The glossy finish of the OLED screens can cause reflections in bright environments. No ErgoLift Hinge: The absence of the ErgoLift hinge might affect typing comfort for some users. Battery Life: While improved, battery life might still be a concern for heavy users. Learning Curve: The dual-screen setup and ScreenXpert software might require some time for users to get accustomed to.

The 2024 Zenbook Duo integrates the innovative approach seen in the Asus Zenbook 17-Fold, which features a single large panel folding along a hinge. However, unlike the Zenbook 17-Fold, the Zenbook Duo (UX806) features a physical hinge in-between two distinct screens for a unique touch and feel.

Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED – The World's First 14" Dual-Screen OLED Laptop

Two Equal Displays for Enhanced Flexibility and Design Adaptability

The Zenbook Duo (UX806) is equipped with two equal 14-inch OLED displays featuring:

• 16:10 aspect ratio

• 3K (2880 x 1800) resolution

• 550-nits peak brightness

• 120 Hz refresh rate

• 0.2ms response time

• VESA Certified HDR True Black 500

• PANTONE validation

The unique advantage of the equal screen is in the design flexibility. A built-in kickstand and an included removable keyboard crucially add a load of versatility to these two screens. Obviously, the full-size second display takes the place of a normal keyboard, but—through a connector and magnets—you can place the keyboard right down on top of the lower display, using it and only the top display like a normal laptop.

A natural typing position with the UX806 with the dual screen is to collapse the kickstand, and with the keyboard over the lower screen, you have a pretty standard laptop layout. In addition to laying both screens flat, which is helpful for sharing content, the kickstand is key in making most use of both displays at once. You can set the screens up in a vertical stack, or side by side. This is like bringing a second monitor on the road with you, and the keyboard can work wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Multitasking Meets Efficiency

The 2024 Zenbook Duo’s multitasking experience is all about its two 14-inch 3K OLED displays. When used in dual-screen mode, they form an impressively big desktop where lots of apps and windows can sit together throughout the day. Making this laptop smaller for the sake of a more compact size or lower weight will sacrifice desktop space and result in a less efficient multi-window working experience. So, we believe that a 14-inch dual-screen laptop is just the right size for this.

Its dual-screen setup is a game-changer, providing an expansive workspace that's perfect for multitaskers. Imagine having your email open on one screen while editing a document on the other, or referencing research materials while writing a report.

ASUS's ScreenXpert 2.0 software enhances this multitasking experience, allowing for seamless organization and management of applications across both screens. Features like the App Switcher and Task Group Manager make it effortless to arrange your workspace and switch between tasks.

In conclusion, the 2024 Zenbook Duo (UX8406) is the world's first 14" dual-screen OLED laptop, a significant advancement in laptop technology. This unique feature sets it apart from traditional laptops by offering an expansive and versatile workspace. The dual-screen setup enhances productivity by allowing users to effortlessly multitask, run multiple applications simultaneously, and streamline their workflow. The OLED technology ensures vibrant colours, deep blacks, and high contrast, providing an immersive visual experience for both work and entertainment.

Learn more about the ASUS Zenbook Duo (2024) UX8406 here.


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