Nigerian Company Invents Technology to Prevent Theft, Purchase of Stolen Vehicle

Nigerian Company Invents Technology to Prevent Theft, Purchase of Stolen Vehicle

  • A Nigerian tech czar has revealed how a vehicle tracking device can aid in recovering stolen vehicles and stop buyers from purchasing one
  • Idowu Banjo, founder of VehicleCheck, said a new technology development by the Nigerian-owned Australian company can curb vehicle theft
  • He noted that Nigeria is the favourite and dumping ground for stolen vehicles from around the world

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Idowu Banjo, founder of VehicleCheck, a car tracking and recovery firm based in Canberra, Australia, has revealed that Nigeria's continued vehicle theft can be solved by deploying technology.

Banjo stated that new technology by VehicleCheck will not only aid in recovering stolen vehicles but also help the public avoid purchasing one.

VehicleCheck, Idowu Banjo
Founder of VehicleCheck, Idowu Banjo, details how Nigerians can prevent car theft Credit: Luis Alvarez
Source: Getty Images

The new technology to help police and Customs

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He said that security agencies like the police and Nigeria Customs Service can use the technology to prevent vehicles stolen from other countries from entering the country.

According to statistics, Nigeria is a dumping ground for stolen vehicles from around the globe.

In 2021, the Nigerian government revealed that 40% of vehicles brought into the country were stolen.

Banjo believes that the new technology can curb vehicle theft and that car sellers and buyers in Nigeria can experience peace by leveraging the effectiveness of the technology to prevent stolen vehicles from entering the country.

He said:

"VehicleCheck results from years of hard work, critical thinking, and innovation. It is the most resounding response to the issue of stolen vehicles in Nigeria and any part of the world today.
"The issue of having vehicles stolen is a global problem. But the sad part in Nigeria is the need for platforms providing effective tracking and recovery services. This is why we have developed this invention to bridge this gap.

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"The technology not only helps you locate and recover stolen vehicles but also helps to stop other unaware people from purchasing them from thieves. Our innovation provides easy access to a vehicle's complete information and extra security for a car by making sure it can't be bought even when stolen.

How to track stolen vehicle

According to him, the new technology solves the problem of retrieving stolen vehicles from the police or other law enforcement agencies.

Reports say that Banjo said this could be achieved by registering their Vehicle Identification Number on their platform and following the simple steps.

"After registering your VIN with VehicleCheck and an event happens where your car gets stolen, you log in to our website with a police report stating ownership and theft of the vehicle and have your car flagged as stolen.

"After that, once someone logs in with the exact VIN in a different location, the VehicleCheck system immediately notifies us and the geo-location of the device used to log in. This makes retrieval easy.

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"With our new system, no one should fall victim to purchasing a stolen vehicle or be entangled with security agencies over issues related to vehicle crimes," he said.

The National Bureau of Statistics revealed in 2018 that there were over 11 million registered vehicles in Nigeria, with experts believing that the figure could be higher in 2024 as smugglers intensify efforts.


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