Bluetti's Solar Power Gift: Improving Lives in Rural Nigeria

Bluetti's Solar Power Gift: Improving Lives in Rural Nigeria

Bluetti, a global leader in renewable energy solutions has donated 50 solar power kits to impoverished rural families in Ilaro, Ogun State, through its "Lighting an Africa Family" project to further address the energy deficiency in Africa. This strategic donation seeks to address power challenges faced by rural dwellers and to improve access to clean and reliable energy.

Bluetti's Solar Power Gift: Improving Lives in Rural Nigeria

LAAF is Bluetti’s CSR project aimed at enhancing energy supply in underdeveloped and developing regions to mitigate the severe impact of power shortages on daily activities through sustainable energy solutions.

The donation event witnessed the distribution of Bluetti solar power kits to residents who were selected based on their commitment to community development and their need for a reliable source of power.

Each donated solar power kit includes a battery pack, solar panel, and LED bulbs to keep each household powered up during electricity outages. In addition to the solar kits, Bluetti also provided T-shirts to every family and distributed notebooks and pens to all the children present during the event.

While demonstrating hands-on training to the audience on the optimal use of solar power kits, the Country Manager of Bluetti, Jefferey Zhang expressed genuine concern for the community.

In his words “Bluetti is firmly committed to philanthropy through the LAAF project to foster improved life for African rural dwellers particularly those who have had long issues of power supply”.

Speaking at the event, The Otun-Iyaloja of Ilaro markets, Mrs. Christianah Oduoye who contacted Bluetti to seek the germane intervention stated that "Ilaro community has long grappled with power scarcity but this donation will improve the residents’ lives. We are profoundly grateful for Bluetti's generous support".

Bluetti's Solar Power Gift: Improving Lives in Rural Nigeria

She revealed that people will now be able to listen to the radio for information at any time and have light at night to help reduce domestic accidents that occur due to power outages while the children will be able to study and do their school assignments with steady light at night; and there will be great improvement on trading activities within the village.

Nigeria and several other African countries continue to grapple with power shortages, leading to frequent unreliable access to electricity. The power sector in these regions faces challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, insufficient investment, and operational inefficiencies resulting in unstable power supply. This situation has adverse effects on various aspects of their daily life, hindering economic activities, education, healthcare, and overall growth and development.

The LAAF project is a beacon of hope, illuminating lives and symbolizing a step towards sustainable development by bringing electricity to African households. It reaffirms Bluetti’s commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of millions. Regions and institutions in need are encouraged to reach out to BLUETTI at any time at


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