“It Can Speak”: Meet Alex, World’s Most Realistic Robot That Costs N3.68bn, Has 3M Followers on TikTok

“It Can Speak”: Meet Alex, World’s Most Realistic Robot That Costs N3.68bn, Has 3M Followers on TikTok

  • Promobot, a Russian company founded by three friends, has built a hyper-realistic robot
  • The robot has striking features like a human and gives 600 human facial expressions
  • Developing humanoid robots like Alex is a challenging endeavour, and the company spent $8 million (N3.68bn) to achieve the feat

Technology is advancing so rapidly that many people worldwide are beginning to imagine the horrors depicted in science fiction movies.

It even gets scarier when looking at Alex, a hyper-realistic robot who speaks, makes 600 human facial expressions, and can be customised to look like anyone.

Report has it that Alex even has a girlfriend named Alexandra, a humanoid barista with 3.3m followers on TikTok.

Robot realistic
Alex is a hyper-realistic robot. Photo credit: @promobots.robots
Source: Facebook

Owners of Alex- robot

Alex is the brainchild of Promobot, a Russian company founded by three friends, Oleg Kivokurtsev, Maxim Utev, and Igor Yeremeev, who began building robots a decade ago by purchasing parts online.

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Their first creation, Promobot V1, could speak and recognise faces, but the founders wanted to create a more realistic-looking robot that would be so cool.

Fast forward to today, and Promobot has built over 1,000 robots operating in 50 countries worldwide.

However, creating humanoid robots like Alex is no easy feat, with the company having to raise $8 million( N3.68 billion) to bring these innovative machines to life.

Features of Alex robot

Alex boasts more than 600 servomotors in its face, body, and arms, and while the company has made impressive progress, they are not resting on their laurels.

A servomotor is an electric motor that is designed to provide precise control of movement or position.

Promobot also aspires to develop a robot that can walk, a challenging endeavour they are confident they can accomplish.

Omeife' Africa's first human-like robot built in Nigeria

Meanwhile, in another report, a Nigerian made history by creating the first human-like robots in Nigeria and Africa

The robot named Omeife is expected to open up new research developments in Artificial Intelligence.

The robot, according to reports, can speak five Nigerian languages and respond to instructions.

The creator, Ekwueme, also said Omeife pays attention to a specific person to keep the conversation alive and chooses its words carefully.

Source: Legit.ng

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