How Scammers Set Up 9-Year-Old Fake Cancer Patient And Extorted Millions From Unsuspecting Victims

How Scammers Set Up 9-Year-Old Fake Cancer Patient And Extorted Millions From Unsuspecting Victims

  • Scammers using a 9-year-old fake cancer patient have raked in millions after defrauding unsuspecting victims
  • The highly emotional video of a girl named Alexandria has been circulating on social media which portrays her a helpless cancer sufferer
  • But findings have revealed that the whole thing is a hoax and meant to defraud people by staging the girl as suffering from cancer

Alexandria, a supposedly 9-year-old cancer patient has been seen on videos on social media pleading for help.

“Please, help me, I don’t want to die,” Alexander could be heard pleading in the video that has been posted on both Facebook, YouTube and even running as Google ads on major websites across the world.

Scammers, Alexandria
Scammers use 9 year old to defraud victims Credit: Netive halev
Source: UGC

The highly emotional video of the 9-year-old shows Alexandria as a helpless child whose parents are struggling to foot her medical bills.

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Intermittently, tears would drizzle down her cheeks and she would tell viewers that doctors have informed her parents that the cancer has spread all over her body.

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The video was also promoted on Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads as sponsored posts.

The video has also garnered a lot of reactions among social media users, according to the fact-checking, Premium Times-owned website, Dubawa.

According to the webiste, the organisation known as Netiv Halev asking for help for the supposedly 9-year-old cancer patient is fraudulent.

Why Use cancer as a tool for extortion.

Reports say that cancer is one of the illnesses that medical practitioners are still battling hard to find a cure for. Reports show that it claims as many as 21,000 lives yearly the world over.

So, the use of cancer and a 9-year-old girl is strategic and geared to get as much emotional reaction as possible.

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The post has gathered more than 14,000 reactions, 6500 comments and 1,900 shares on Facebook as of July 2022, according to Dubawa. It has also gotten massive reactions on YouTube, getting over 2.9 million views and 2,200 on YouTube with more than 3,410 subscribers on the channel that posted Alexandria's video.

Many people reported that they donated as much as $10 and one person said immediately she made the donation with her dollar card, all the money in her domiciliary account was wiped off.

The whole game was set up to defraud unsuspecting victims and the hatchet men and women promoting the ad decided to use social media to both evoke pity and reach a wider audience.

Huge amount received in donation

To give to the cause, donors are required to provide an email address, name and phone number and also make payments using credit or debit cards.

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If the debit was not successful, users would be prompted by another email to try again and then the process will begin all over again.

Any attempt by users to check previous attempts becomes unsuccessful.

Dubawa stated that the homepage of the website receiving the donations is given in Hebrew but after translating to English, the information is still sketchy about previous activities, contact details or even about the organisation's hierarchy.

An investigation on the veracity of the website shows that it is a scam and designed to host hoaxes.

To date, the scammers have received about $693.199 using Alexandria’s fake cancer plea and the amount was recently increased to about $1.7 million as the scammers were getting close to their target.

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