8 Essential USSD Codes Every Moniepoint User Should Know

8 Essential USSD Codes Every Moniepoint User Should Know

Powering your financial dreams is possible regardless of internet challenges and location barriers, thanks to the Moniepoint USSD code.

Whether online or not, you can make smooth transfers, check your account balance, reset your PIN, block/unblock your account, and lots more while using the USSD code.

Let’s explore eight essential USSD codes every Moniepoint user should know and their various functions.

8 Essential USSD Codes Every Moniepoint User Should Know

You can access the specific functions by dialing the main USSD code *5573# and selecting the relevant flow from the main menu.

Alternatively, you can dial a slightly extended code that can directly lead you to the needed function.

The available direct Moniepoint USSD codes include:

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1. *5573*5#: You can instantly check your account balance and details by dialling this USSD code. As a Moniepoint personal or business bank account holder, you can stay informed and updated on your financial information, whether you can access the internet or not.

2. *5573*1*Amount*Account Number#: You can easily make transfers to other Moniepoint accounts from your Moniepoint account by dialling this USSD code with your registered phone number. A bad internet network day shouldn’t stop your important transactions.

3. *5573*2*Amount*Account Number#: Making instant transfers from your Moniepoint account to any other bank account just got easier. Dial this USSD code with your registered phone number to make transfers directly at any time.

4. *5573*Amount#: Running low on airtime? Keep the conversations going and buy airtime by dialling this USSD code without any internet connection.

5. *5573*Amount*Phone Number#: Need to send your family and friends love in the form of airtime? You can easily do so by dialling this direct USSD code, even while offline and at any location.

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6. *5573*6#: You can easily boost and enhance your bank account’s security by resetting your PIN even while offline. Whether you forgot your PIN or need to tighten security a bit, you can do so easily by dialling the USSD code.

7. *5573*73Code#: You can scale through extra verification and easily retrieve OTPs from any OTP service provider by dialling this USSD code with your registered phone number.

8. *5573*911#: Worried about your phone being stolen and your financial details getting into the wrong hands? You can block or unblock your account(s) if you have a friend/family member who has access to the Moniepoint USSD channel.

All you/they have to do is dial this USSD code. You then choose the “Stop Debit Transactions” and “For Others”. After inputting the user’s phone number or account number that you wish to block (and the PIN), this will immediately stop withdrawals from the bank account.

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You can unlock the full potential of your Moniepoint Personal or Business bank account by dialling the USSD code *5573# to get a menu list of financial operations.

By dialling the main or extended USSD codes listed above, you can enjoy banking on point without the hassles of an unsteady internet connection.


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