Meet 33-Year-Old Woman Who Left Full-Time Job to Become Spiritual Counselor to CEOs, others

Meet 33-Year-Old Woman Who Left Full-Time Job to Become Spiritual Counselor to CEOs, others

  • An ex-sales and marketing executive said she took to spiritual counselling after she left her job in 2013
  • Candice Pitts who adopted the name Makhosi Nejeser started a journey as a Shaman after moving to South Africa and said she man over N403 million the first year
  • According to Nejeser, her company is on track to make over N800 million this year and has already grossed N403 monthly since 2022

Candice Pitts, who later adopted the name Makhosi Nejeser after becoming a Shaman in South Africa, said she has always dreamt of owning her own business from the age of 8.

After she graduated from the university, she worked in direct sales, getting a top spot among the 2 per cent of consultants in her company. The job also came with many benefits, like being rewarded with free trips, designer handbags and parties in mansions.

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Candice Pitts, Makhosi Nejeser, Shaman, South Africa
Candice Pitts became a Shaman after relocating to South Africa
Source: UGC

Reflections of an unusual entrepreneur

After becoming a mother at the age of 24, Nejeser said she began to think deeply about her life when she moved to a small town in West Virginia, she wrote on CNBC.

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According to her, the questions led her to build The Royal Shaman, a spiritual advising business for elite CEOs and business owners.

In 2021, her company made N403 million in gross revenue.

Nejeser said she has always known she had a gift, a way of knowing and seeing things other people cannot. After being detached from her sales career, she decided to follow her instinct.

In 2013, she left her job and began a spiritual journey for five years that led her to South Africa where she trained to become a shaman, a ‘healer’ who through a combination of ways, bridges the physical and non-physical realms.

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Nejeser said the initiation involves strict psychology, healing an individual physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually by analysing their roadblocks, conducting rituals that call upon ancestors to help, or guiding them back to harmony.

She said the process can be very costly for a Shaman. She says she spent about N41.5 million and had to take on jobs in marketing and business strategy to augment.

Nejeser stated that in 2018, she returned home and began to offer individual spiritual advising sessions.

The journey to The Royal Shaman

She says there is a difference between spiritual advising and life coaching. Life coaching focuses on personal growth and success, and spiritual advising helps to expand people's consciousness on a more spiritual level.

Initially, she charged $197 for each session but after a few months, she expanded her services and launched her programme in December 2018 for $97 per month.

She enrolled 20 students in the first month and made around N7 million the next year.

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In 2020, she shifted her goals to expanding her clientele, especially high-income earners and high-heeled entrepreneurs by posting on Facebook and marketing herself on podcasts and interview appearances.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 in 2022, Nejeser said her revenue grew to N403 million and is on track to make more than N830 million this year, after averaging about N49 million every month this quarter.

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