HELP! I'm In Love With A Gigolo

HELP! I'm In Love With A Gigolo

I have a huge issues that needs to be addressed and I need some sense talked into me asap.

I have known this man since I was about 20 and we’ve been tight for about 10 years. I never thought of him as anyone I would love until around New Years of 2011. He was going through some things with one of his girlfriends and he called me. He always called me to get a ‘female perspective’ and I always tell him the truth.

Knowing him the way that I do I know that he likes older women who house him and buy him lots of clothes and keep his pockets lined. I’ve always told him that he has not experienced love yet because he only goes after women who have money and upkeep his carefree lifestyle.

When the holidays rolled around he was about to break up with his main chick and she was threatening him with kicking him out. He started calling me nonstop and as a friend I listened.

He is very attractive but I just thought that he never believed in his own potential and after getting to know him and his story I understand why after he was emotionally abused by his mother.

I’ve known all this for a while and after listening to his story I allowed him to crash at my place for a while and I ended having sex with him and understood why these women fall for him because the sex was so amazing. He’s still in my house and we still have sex but he’s still talking to the older woman that kicked him out!!

I believe in his potential and think that he can make something of himself but I think he is caught up on taking the easy way out. Now that I’ve developed feelings for him and want to be with him I expect more from him but I don’t want to be another woman that takes care of him. What should I do?? I’m between a rock and a hard place. Please help!!



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