Why I cannot do without Funke Akindele - Ayo Makun

Why I cannot do without Funke Akindele - Ayo Makun

- Ayo Makun has stamp his feet in the sand of time with his debut movie 30 Days In Atlanta

- He shares the secret of the success of 30 Days In Atlanta

- The comedian talks about his relationship with Funke Akindele and why he cannot do without her

Why I cannot do without Funke Akindele - Ayo Makun
Ayo Makun

30 Days in Atlanta was a success story, how were you able to conquer the movie industry with just one movie?

Well I cannot categorically say that I conquer the movie industry but what I can say is that I got blessed and I got rewarded as a result of taking a risk, as a result of getting myself involved with something that I’m passionate about. I will just say I’m lucky and at the same time say that it all happened as a result of hard work and content that was good enough to share to the rest of the world.

You said you took some extra miles to achieve success with the movie, can you highlights them?

Yeah, like I said earlier I have always had a relationship with people like RMD, Ramsey Nouah and building on the relationship and making it business was easy because we’ve always known ourselves, we’ve all been together in the past and it wasn’t that easy but I just give it to the fact that we had a relationship going and all of that came as a plus in trying to get them.

30 Days in Atlanta was in the cinemas for a long time and made so much money. There has been this outcry by move producers that the cinemas reap of them, what’s your take on this?

The cinemas know what they are doing, they set up their own business just the way we go there with our movies. The basic thing is not to see that one person is reaping off the other person. I think the best thing is to have the kind of agreement that will work for both parties and that way nobody will complain that one is reaping off the other.

You are already putting a finishing touch to your new movie A Trip To Jamaica. First it was Atlanta, now Jamaica, why names of cities?

Yeah because Akpos is an adventurous fellow, Akpos is somebody who loves to see the world and anywhere you see Akpors you just have to accept it so there is no specific reason why he is touring. Jamaica yes because they love our contents, they love our movies. The Caribbean’s and Jamaicans can trace their root to West Africa so taking a movie to them is like bringing their brothers to them and  at the same time I also know that Nigerians love Jamaica as well so I think why we don’t have this cultural blend. That was what gave birth to the idea.

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Can making movies take AY away from comedy business?

No, movie cannot take more of AY. Stand-up comedy is still very solid, the AY Live brand is still very solid and movie is just 10% of every other thing that the AY brand stands for. Ay Live is coming up on Easter Sunday, March 27 and it promises t good, it’s something that we do year in year out and we give people happiness.

Why I cannot do without Funke Akindele - Ayo Makun
Funke Akindele and AY in a scene from A Trip To Jamaica

There is this strong bond between you and Funke Akindele, she is always by you either during AY Live or in your movie. What is the bond?

Yes, it’s relationship, it is talent. Iron sharpeneth iron; it is just gaining the right connection with somebody you believe you can work with. And Funke shares that same believe like if it is AY I am ready to go. It is going to be Funke because the connection is there and she also can deliver so it is not only about connection, it is about who she is, her gift and her talent as well. She is somebody who has it and nobody will drop that idea of working with somebody like that.

When should Nigerians be expecting A Trip To Jamaica?

A Trip to Jamaica will be coming up in the middle of the year in Nigeria. It will also go to the other part of the world; we’ll do a tour of the UK, Canada, Jamaica and the US.





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