Zaria Bloodbath: 57 Shiites Sentenced To Prison

Zaria Bloodbath: 57 Shiites Sentenced To Prison

Fifty-seven Shiites have been sentenced to 15-years imprisonment, following the involvements in a prison mutiny.

The verdict on the 57 Shiite inmates s was passed by a court in Bahrain on Monday, January 25. The term is to be added to the current terms they are serving.

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 Sources say the inmates were convicted of rioting and mutiny following unrest last March at Jaw prison, south of the capital Manama.

The charges included “disobeying orders and forcing guards out of the prisoners’ buildings” and then “destroying furniture, air conditioners and security cameras, ” the source said.

Al-Wasat newspaper reports that security officials stormed the buildings and clashed with the rioting prisoners, resulting in casualties among police and inmates.

The defendants were also fined a total of N268717500. It was not clear what caused the riot in Bahrain’s largest prison that is used for Shiites convicted over anti-government protests.

There have been calls by the Human Rights Watch for an independent investigation into allegations that security forces used “excessive force” to quell the unrest at the jail and later mistreated prisoners.

Bahrain’s Sunni authorities crushed Shiite-led protests a month after they erupted on February 14, 2011.

Meanwhile, there are several speculation regarding the whereabouts of Shiites leader in Nigeria, Sheikh El'Zakzaky.

Sources inform that the embattled leader who has been in military custody since the sect had a bloody encounter with the Nigerian army in 2015; has been flown abroad due to certain complications from injuries he sustained during the brutal clash in Zaria.


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