Scent reveals vital secrets about a potential partner's health

Scent reveals vital secrets about a potential partner's health

Sniffing a prospective partner's armpit could help you to determine if you two are meant for each other. Scientists say a person's odour can reveal if they are in good health and a suitable mate for you.

According to British zoologists, there are multiple factors involved in detecting attraction, and smell is one of the most powerful among them.

The scientists intend to conduct a series of experiments, such as sensory speed dating, to test how smell and sound are involved. People will be blindfolded then made to smell the armpits of random strangers and then pick out the scent that they like.

The researchers say a complex of genes determines what a person smells like. That same complex also determines our suite of immune deficiencies, that is, our ability to fight disease. Humans are programmed to be attracted to someone who has a different set so that their offspring have a greater chance of fighting diseases.

The blindfolded participants of the speed-dating experiment will also be asked to judge a stranger's voice.

According to researchers, sensory speed dating is more effective than online dating. They note that any society makes loud music, sleeps around and takes drugs - all of this would seem to be detrimental to our ability to survive.

Biologists add thaht humans can pick up incredibly small chemical differences with their noses which is like an initial health screening.


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