PHOTO: SEE What Prince George Is Looking At In New Photo

PHOTO: SEE What Prince George Is Looking At In New Photo

As the world celebrate Mother's Day today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William, decided to show a new picture of their son, Prince George.

 * The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reveal new picture of Prince George

Accordng to the photograph, Prince George is growing and ageing at the rate that would be expected of a baby, royal or otherwise.

In the picture, which shows Kate and William chilling from a conveniently-placed open window at their London apartment, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smile almost as if they know they are being photographed.

The eight-month-old third in line to the throne – wearing a blue jumper that literally has his name on it – is pictured between his parents

Amazingly, the prince only has eyes for the family’s pet cocker spaniel Lupo – who seems quite perturbed by the entire affair.

The photo has been released to coincide with Mother’s Day and the start of the Cambridges’ tour to New Zealand and Australia next month.

We can doubtlessly look forward to more pictures of Prince George looking at dogs, and maybe other things, in the coming weeks, months and years. 


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