WHAT'S IN A SMILE: Share Your Smile

WHAT'S IN A SMILE: Share Your Smile

It’s a rough morning. First, my alarm decides not to go off. Then I’m late getting to my bus stop, so I missed the early morning BRT bus.

So, I decided to take a red cab which got stuck in traffic thanks to the talkative driver who spent time exploring routes rather than following the usual route to the island.

In the end, I got to work late looking tired, sweaty and with a nasty headache. I met my boss in my office and the outcome of our meeting completely wrecked my mood. I checked my to-do list to find out that I had a client meeting out of office for 9:30am so I rushed out again, I got to the client’s office by 9:26am only to realize I was an hour early. Just great, it must be a case of the terrible Mondays!

I decide to pop into little ice cream and snack shop around the corner to grab a bite while I’m waiting. As I sit under my shade of disappointment and loneliness, a pretty, young server Fadeke flashes me a dazzling and contagious smile that sticks there as she served and welcomed me.

There was something about her smile, her breath was fresh, her teeth, was not well set but it was well kept, I couldn’t help but smile back. In fact, it was so beautiful that I even caught myself smiling while washing my hands in the bathroom.

Suddenly, my day doesn’t seem so bad. I ate up my ice cream and headed to my appointment equipped with a smile on my face, as I walked by I could see people smiling back at me, some were wondering what was so amusing, others couldn’t help but smile back, my mood and confidence was on a balanced high.

With just a smile, my day was transformed. Have you ever wondered the effect your smile could have on people? Like this video on YouTube, &feature=youtu.be" rel="nofollow">,it is amazing how a smile can make you laugh, giggle or cry.

It is a fact we can’t always control what happens to us, but I’m sure we can always control when we smile and the condition our mouth is when we do, so make it a priority to remember the message of the World Oral Health Day which celebrates healthy smiles by taking care of your teeth, surrounding yourself with people and things that brighten your day, be the positive, happy person in your group of friends, play with kids, listen to music, watch funny movies more often, be sure to look people in the eye and show them your demarcated white teeth and remember that when you smile, the world smiles back.

Source: Legit.ng

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