B'Haram: Soldiers Reveal What Boosts Their Morale

B'Haram: Soldiers Reveal What Boosts Their Morale

Soldiers of the Nigerian army who are fighting with insurgents in Baga have said that they are not very comfortable with the use of artillery.

B'Haram: Soldiers Reveal What Boosts Their Morale
Soldiers of the Nigerian army

Speaking with Daily Post, the soldiers said that they prefer using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) as the machine boosts their morale and encourages them to fight against the deadly Boko Haram sect.

According to one of the soldiers, the artillery should be scrapped because terrorists do not fear the sound that it produces, but they are afraid of RPGs.

“Last week when they brought RPGs, see how happy our guys were. We charged at the Boko Haram guys and killed over 100, but we lost 4 soldiers. In fact, it is better than before, when artillery will be firing but no target. This one, you will see how you are clearing the Boko Haram boys and you are sure you killed them,” the officer said.

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Speaking about the recent Boko Haram attack, another soldier said:

“Three days ago at Durun Giwa, the insurgents came attacking us with mortar. They fired over hundred and arrested one Fulani man and stripped him naked. They sent him to us to tell us that we should be gathering all the weapons because they are coming to collect everything.”

The soldier said that they allowed the Fulani man to go back and tell militants that they were gathering the weapons, and they should come and collect them.

He added that after a short time, insurgents began to fire at them, but when the soldiers returned fire with the RPGs, the area was cleared of the insurgents in 30 minutes.

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The soldiers revealed that they were happy with the decision of the military authorities that they would now spend two years at an assignment and be transferred. However, one of the soldiers did not want to leave Maiduguri after he was transferred out of the state.

“He did not want to leave because he was never asked to go to the bush to fight, otherwise he would have appreciated God for the transfer,” another soldier noted.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Air Force has carried out air strikes and destroyed the terrorists’ vehicle workshops, fuel and ammunition dumps all within the Sambisa forest.

Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar assured Nigerians that with these successful strikes on the terrorists, their capabilities have been further degraded to pave the way for the final onslaught by the land forces to meet President Mohammadu Buhari’s directive to bring the insurgency in the north-east to an end.

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