Nollywood  Actress, Foluke Daramola Talks About Her New Marriage

Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola Talks About Her New Marriage

Busty Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola who remarried last year amid controversy after her first marriage to her ex-husband, Mr Sobowale crashed, in a recent interview talks about her new marriage.

Though, she was accused of being responsible for the sudden collapse of the marriage of a female pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Olubunmi, as she went ahead to get married to the woman’s husband, Kayode Salako.

On celebrating one year wedding anniversary and the journey so far

I can’t just thank God enough for bringing my ‘crown’, Olukayode Ezekiel Salako to my life. He has made me a contented and complete woman.I feel the best I can feel in life, I am very delighted and happy for having one of the best men of our time as my hubby.

On the difference between this marriage and her previous one

Firstly, I was very naive and immature in my  first marriage. I will say, I was desperate because many of my friends were getting married then and I thought marriage was the ‘in-thing’, so, I guess I didn’t really know who and what I was going into.

But this one is based on spiritual conviction,true love, deep and mature understanding between two adults in love, ready to be together forever. We have both been married before and I guess that helped us to love and appreciate each other.

On what she loves most about her husband

What I love about my hubby most is his generosity,his heart and the fact that my husband is very clean in all he does.  My hubby doesn’t do shady deals or things that would not dignify a responsible man, and Kayode has conscience in all he does. He’s the definition of the kind of man I will love to have in my life again and again.

He’s also a very intelligent and hard-working young man  and he’s an expressionist. When you offend my hubby and he’s upset with you, he just spills it out and that’s it, he will even forget you guys ever had  issues in a matter of hours.

Though Kayode can  assert himself sometimes like most men do or tend to nag  but in all, I thank God because he’s very kind-hearted and  a good man.

On the general notion that her husband chased his ex-wife away because of her

It’s not something I want to discuss, because my husband has told me sternly not to discuss his former marriage on the pages of newspapers. He’s capable of marrying more than one wife if he so wishes, so, I don’t see how or why he has to chase his wife out for me.

Besides, did he chase her or she left of her own volition? or then,  should  I say the person my ex hubby is married to chased me out of my former home as well? Well, I decided to walk out of my former matrimonial home for personal reasons.

I don’t know much about my hubby’s ex wife’s issue,  he is in the best position to talk about that, though, sadists and people that are just out to look for people to join them in their misery will always want to drag my name in what’s  not my business and can never be my business.

My hubby is very capable of taking care of his personal business and he is doing that to the  best of my knowledge.  He has a perfect relationship with his ex and his children and we have a wonderful relationship too,so people should just mind their business and leave us alone.

On having more children after her own two kids with her ex and her husband’s children

We are both not in a hurry, because we have five already; my hubby has three and I have two and they go to quite expensive schools. We are not under any competition for  kids, even if we are going to have kids, it’s not an immediate plan,it will be later when we are both good and ready for  it.

For now, our focus is to give the ones we have quality lives and expand our businesses and do our humanitarian works which we believe very much in. Furthermore,  I have to further my education with a doctorate degree.

Our marriage lasting a year is a sign that  haters and critics got it all wrong about us and are shocked and surprised to see us growing stronger everyday.


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