10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Lagos is a wonderful place to be. It is the economic capital of West Africa and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is no surprise that a lot of people are moving to Lagos and more people intend to.

Staying in Lagos has its down side too and it is very important to know them before moving to the city. You know to know if you can deal with these down sides before taking the trip to Lagos.

Here are 10 worst things about living in Lagos



10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Lagos is noisy. It seems everyone in the city raise their voices when they talk. It is almost difficult to have a nap in Lagos as the horns of vehicles can be defeating. Markets and bus stops are the worst as it is impossible to negotiate with a trader without having to shout. . Nights are not better as the silence is usually shattered by religious vigils. If you are coming from a town, you might find the noise maddening but Lagosians are already used to it.


10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Moving around Lagos is not an easy task. That is why most Lagosians have to leave their homes very early when going to work as there is always the possibility of spending hours stuck in traffic it is even worse in the evening when a lot of people are going back to their homes in the evening. Tempers usually fly as people sweat and get uneasy in their vehicles when stuck in traffic. People who have spent years in Lagos still find traffic an annoying experience. For a person experiencing it for the first time, it might be unbearable.

You DO Not Know What You Spend Your Money On

People come to Lagos usually with the desire to make money. The money is no doubt available but saving is the hardest thing to do. You just cannot place your finger on what takes your money away. You might even realise that people living outside Lagos who are not making as much money as you are seem to be engaging in projects beyond your financial capability. As the money comes in steady, so also you spend it fast.


10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know
Pick pockets

Lagos is the indisputable home of conmen and pickpockets. They are usually miles ahead and it is very difficult to beat them in the game. They seem to be everywhere and it is difficult who the honest Lagosians is. Many a person has been stranded after being a victim of scammers or pickpockets. It is very difficult for a person to scale through when these criminals have their sight on him.

Taxis Are For The Rich

10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Forget how much it takes to take a taxi where you are coming from. Lagos taxis are not for the common man. They charge within Lagos what it will cost to travel from Lagos to other states. If you do not know the place, then you run the risk of being double or triple charged.

Rainy Periods

10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Being in Lagos during the rainy season can be a big headache. The rains are usually heavy and fall for several hours. Then there is the drizzle that can last for hours. The roads become flooded in some parts of the city. Pedestrians bear most of the brunt of the problem as they are forced to wade through water and endure being splash from moving vehicles.

House Agents/ Caretakers/ Land Grabbers

10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Getting an accommodation in Lagos can be a very risky thing. If you are renting an apartment, you need a trusted agent. If you are not careful, you might be putting your money into a pit. A lot of agents or caretakers give out apartments to more than a single person and it is difficult to tell until you have paid and ready to move in. That is when you might discover that you have been scammed. The same also happens in the process of getting a land or house. Land grabbers might come suddenly and claim the land belongs to someone else.

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Mondays Are Hell

Mondays in Lagos are not for the feeble minded. All hell is let loose on Mondays as people seem to be in a hurry. There is also the problem of change. Commercial drivers and conductors do not seem to have change on Mondays and most passengers have N1000 notes. Traffic is heavier and the frustration increases when you get to work late and there is a lot to be done.

Everybody Wants To Get A Tip/Bribe

Although nobody is forced to part with money, the feeling that people expect a small amount of money from you is annoying. The security official at the bank expect a small amount of money, the fast food attendant want a tip, the office security wants some money, the secretary at the local government needs some money for helping you get your file and on and on. The list of people who want to collect money from you is endless. In official places, you must be ready to grease the palm of someone if you want things to move fast and not be delayed. The most annoying is when the amount on a receipt is half what you paid.

Gate crashers

10 Terrible Things About Lagos You Need To Know

Organising a party in Lagos requires that you plan for your guest and gate-crashers. It is difficult to keep them away and if you don’t provide for them, you might risk a confrontation. Your guests are likely to bring their friends who will in turn invite their friends too. No matter how much you prepare, beef and chicken are likely to finish even before your own important guests arrive.

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