Jonathan to drop more ministers

Jonathan to drop more ministers

Five ministers may soon be dropped from president Jonathan cabinet just as the Senate confirmed 11 new ministers last Tuesday.

This President Jonathan's action is to convince Nigerians that his administration is bent on fighting corruption and also to win the trust of Nigerians and show them that the PDP government is a democratic one.

According to sources, this is Jonathan's way of rejuvenating his cabinet ahead of 2015 elections.

Out of those to be dropped, three have been with the Jonathan administration since 2010 while the other two joined in 2011. Three out of the five ministers are said to be big-wigs in the administration from the South as they head Grade A ministries while the other two are from the North.

It was gathered that one of the ministers had performed below expectations while some others were said to have “no electoral value and they have been involved in bribery scandals. One of the ministers reportedly embarrassed the Federal Government with his conduct with international investors, who were approached through a third party for bribe and the matter got to the attention of the President, who was persuaded not to take immediate action as it might have a negative effect on the government.

Others simply failed the performance evaluation set by the President for them last year while some were also regarded as 'controversial.'

It was learnt that one of the affected ministers recently met with a statesman, regarded as a staunch ally of Mr. President to help him out but the statesman simply replied him, “Please, minister, I cannot help you,” and urged him to “clear yourself of any charge before the President who is your employer.


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