Real Reasons Why Peter of P-Square Is Not Getting Married to Lola Omotayo Now

Real Reasons Why Peter of P-Square Is Not Getting Married to Lola Omotayo Now

It’s no longer news that one of the P Square duo, Peter, is expecting another baby from Lola Omotayo, the mother of his first son Cameron. There have been a lot of public opinions, speculations and insinuations on why on earth would someone not be married to a woman and still expect to have another baby...

Well, there is more to this than meet the eyes.

While one group of tale mongers said that the debonair ex-public relations executive has been unaccepted by the Okoye siblings, another has it that the domineering attitude of this fair skin beauty is the cause of the delay in their solemnization.

“You will find Lola Omotayo 24 hours/7 days a week at P Square’s Omole Estate villa anytime you visit them. They live like husband and wife,” disclosed a  source in the neighborhood.

The brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, have a secret pact to get married at the same time, day and venue. The two brothers have resolved not to allow marriage come in-between them, thus their decision to get married at the same time.

It is a sacrifice and a compromise both of them reached painstakingly in the interest of their career and what they have both shared since childhood.

How long Peter Okoye will wait for his brother, Paul, is a question of time. But there are strong indications that he won’t have to wait for too long. Paul who is the quiet of the two is said to be in love with a lady whose identity is yet to be revealed.

It will not be forgotten in a hurry that the identical brothers have done everything from cradle to their adult age together and have been inseparable. Aside from attending the same Primary and Secondary schools, the two brothers possess Diploma Certificates from the University of Jos (UNIJOS) and Degrees from University of Abuja (Uni-Abuja) respectively.


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