AskNaij: I Have Been In Love With A Runs Girl

AskNaij: I Have Been In Love With A Runs Girl

I met a lady during a trip and we got talking and later had a relationship "oh i must say she acted like an Angel that even my mum fell for her tricks"

I thought i had met the perfect girl back then but i was cut the long story short, we dated for 4 years and i never knew she was a big time runs girl as she always forced me to church and pray. She also dresses like a saint.

I noticed each time we are not together and I call her to say I love you babes, her reply were always "really, hmmmm". There was a time I was called that she fainted and had been rushed to the hospital, when I got to the hospital and saw her, i cried so hard because she looked so terrible and I was hurt. I was told she had ruptured appendix but i later got to know she had ectopic pregnancy.

My friends keep telling me about her escapades but i waived it aside. But I started getting curious late 2011. I paid a hacker to get into her Facebook...lo and behold that very night she was chatting with my friend and how she missed having sex with him because she wasn't close by. And from her FB mailbox i got to know she bedded 5 of my guys.

I kept my cool and acted as if nothing happened. I invited her over to my place, and confronted her with the information i had but she raised her voice and started shouting. Then i brought out her 33 page conversations with different guys on fb. That was when she knelt down and started crying.

Well, this has ended our relationship and I just thought to share my story so that other men can learn.


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