Obasanjo Suffers From Inferiority Complex - Open Letter By Initiative

Obasanjo Suffers From Inferiority Complex - Open Letter By Initiative

"Open letter to my compatriots" - by Richard Olanrewaju Odusanya, Chairman of Leadership Rescue Initiative.

Fellow Nigerians,

In this season of open letters I have deemed it necessary to add an addendum to my original open letter. It should be noted that we actually let the cat out of the bag with an open letter written to the National Assembly on the platform of our social crusader group known as Leadership Rescue Initiative.

Our open letter was titled THE ATROCITIES OF OBASANJO ERA dated 8th April 2013. We took this matter further on an international sensitization tour in April 20 and appeared on live TV programmes in New York and other fora across the globe.

Iyabo’s letter to her Dad is a strong validation of the issues we raised in our open letter which we also discussed on a live TV programme at Sahara Reporters in April, regarding the person of General Obasanjo. I will try to summarize some of the issues we raised for the benefit of those who missed our April interview with Sahara Reporters.

It is noteworthy to remind everyone that we had stated in April that Obasanjo has committed many atrocities in pursuance of his obnoxious third term ambition. Obasanjo till date has always denied that he ever harboured any 3rd term ambition but thank God the truth is now coming out from an impeccable source.

Iyabo’s letter has now confirmed beyond any shadow of doubt that we were indeed right in our statements a few months ago. Those still in doubt can investigate this further by reading the book authored by the former American Secretary of State Ms. Condoleezza Rice titled ” No Higher Honor”. In page 638, Ms Rice clearly stated that Obasanjo approached her then Boss President Bush and hinted him about his 3rd term ambition. Obasanjo himself though a manipulator also became a victim of manipulation. The crowd he put together imported the idea of 3rd term and sold it to him.

He bought the idea hook, line and sinker. They called themselves the Economic team. They referred to him as the Father and Mother of modern Nigeria. Because OBJ love praise singing and sycophancy more than anything else, he fell into this trap and began to eliminate every real or imagined enemy of his 3rd term ambition. Therefore OBJ has no moral justification to question the legitimate ambition of another person. He exhibited crude hypocrisy and deceit throughout his 8 years reign. He should examine his face in the mirror before he starts pointing reckless fingers at others.

Deception and Manipulation Tendencies

As already stated by us and confirmed by Iyabo, OBJ is highly manipulative and deceitful. We mentioned that OBJ deliberately imposed a sick man on Nigeria to achieve his selfish political ambition. Iyabo has now corroborated our story that OBJ was indeed aware of Yar’Adua’s health problems. At the death of Yar’Adua he denied ever knowing that he was terminally sick. But the truth has now come out. OBJ was being economical with the truth. He knew about the health conditions of Yar’Adua and tried to manipulate this to his advantage.

His game plan was that in the event of the death of a Presidential candidate in the person of Yar’Adua, he would then have an excuse to postpone the election as enshrined in the Constitution and elongate his tenure. OBJ merely tried to use the health condition of Yar’Adua to achieve his 3rd term ambition through the back door. Iyabo in her own words described her dad OBJ as a Liar and a Manipulator.

No one can claim to know OBJ more than Iyabo. For her to have described him as a Liar and a Manipulator in public goes to show that the interview we gave about OBJ was only a tip of the iceberg. An elderly man like OBJ should not be telling lies and falsehood. He should come clean and confess to Nigerians all these crimes against humanity he committed.If he does confess everyone would be more than happy to forgive him and move forward. He needs to practice integrity before he can teach others.

Double faced personality

Furthermore we mentioned that OBJ was a man of double standards and a two faced individual. He pretends to be a father and Statesman devoid of partisanship. Iyabo confessed in her letter that OBJ was trying to draft her into contesting for Senatorial position on the platform of APC. This goes to show that basically the letter he wrote to President Jonathan was merely done to promote the interests of himself and APC.

Behind the scenes he pretends to be a PDP elder but in reality he is already recruiting membership for APC. What a tragedy of a Man. During the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s glorious exit recently, OBJ was praising Madiba for spending only one term in office. What he refused to tell his audience was that he himself refused to behave like Madiba when he had the opportunity.

Rather than vacate office after one or two terms as enshrined in the Constitution, he tried everything he could to perpetuate himself in power only for his ambition to be scuttled through the hard work of concerned Nigerians. He actually attempted to subvert the constitution and compromise our democratic institutions. He wasted billions of tax payers money in bribery of Stakeholders.

Former Senate President Ken Nnamani and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and others too numerous to mention stood like a rock against his 3rd term gambit and they mobilized others against this evil that would have produced a Nigerian Mugabe.

Politically motivated assasinations …

Iyabo in her open letter clearly stated that OBJ was a dictator and a maximum ruler who has no patience for criticism and who never listened to advice. He has zero tolerance to opposing views. Iyabo asked rhetorically if her father would tolerate such a letter he wrote to President Jonathan if he was in power. The answer as everyone knows is a capital NO.

He ruled with iron fist. He is extremely vindictive. Iyabo also confessed that OBJ was a ‘wife beater’ who had no respect for the rule of Law. All these confirm one thing, that OBJ DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE RULE OF LAW… It is unfortunate that some of those who opposed OBJ’s ambition are no longer alive to tell the story.

Late Bola Ige and Marshall Harry are ready examples. The case of former Senate President Dr Chuba Okadigbo is worth mentioning. Okadigbo was a very vocal opponent of OBJ… The former deputy national Chairman PDP South South Chief Dikibo was assassinated on his way to Asaba. Before the police could reach the scene of the incident, President Obasanjo had gone on air to claim that it was a case of armed robbery.This is food for thought since OBJ is not a policeman.

Inferiority complex

As we stated in April, OBJ was never comforted with sound and civilized people. Iyabo confirmed this in her letter that OBJ was more comfortable with touts and palace jesters around him than with soundly educated People. This we can attribute to inferiority complex. Among OBJ’s peers were accomplished personalities in the Country. People like General Olufemi Olutoye, Dr. Duro Soleye, Prince Bola Ajibola, Prof Wole Soyinka, Otunba Subomi Balogun, General Inuwa Wushishi, General Adeyinka Adebayo, General James Oluyeye and Prof Olukoye Ransome Kuti of blessed memory.

It is a shame that OBJ never took advantage of these accomplished men of timber and calibre. He never brought any of these highly accomplished individuals close to his administration. Rather he assembled men of questionable characters, glorified touts and street miscreants…

These were the praise singers running the affairs of the country at the expense of accomplished individuals. No wonder he was easily mesmerized by grammar and foreign intonation that white elephant projects were easily approved by him without proper scrutiny.


We had alerted the whole world that OBJ who pretended to be clean was rather not so. This was somebody that came out of the prison in 1998 very poor. Iyabo buttressed this assertion in her letter. Iyabo maintained that her father surrounded himself with mediocres who were only interested in looting the treasury by massaging OBJ’s ego.

Iyabo also confirmed that she actually lived in a house owned by OBJ in Abuja and She actually wants OBJ to tell Nigerians how and when he got the house. To quote Iyabo in her own words ” You can’t have it without explaining to Nigerians how you came about the house?”

The pertinent questions to ask include; what date was the house purchased in Abuja? How many other “secret” houses were purchased? Did he make the right declarations regarding these “secret” houses? There is need for a thorough investigation of the era of OBJ .As a Liar and Hypocrite, as confirmed by his daughter, Iyabo, he set up the EFCC to give the impression that he was fighting corruption…

Do or Die Politics

It was shocking to most Nigerians when OBJ announced that the 2007 general election was going to be a do or die affair. It was not just an empty threat. OBJ actually saw elections as a do or die affair. As Iyabo confirmed in her letter, OBJ would either have his way or nothing. He approached elections as a general approached a war front. His reign witnessed the highest number of unresolved political assassinations till date.

A typical example was the crisis in Anambra State in 2004 when a sitting governor was abducted… Late Chinua Achebe expressed this in a letter he wrote to OBJ in 2004 in which he rejected the national award OBJ gave him. He cited the complicity of OBJ in the crises in Anambra State. In the words of late Prof Chinua Achebe. “I write this letter with a very heavy heart. For some time now I have watched events in Nigeria with alarm and dismay. I have watched particularly the chaos in my own state of Anambra where a small clique of renegades, openly boasting its connections in high places, seems determined to turn my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom. I am appalled by the brazenness of this clique and the silence, if not connivance, of the Presidency.”

Unfortunately OBJ does not take letters from accomplished statesmen seriously. He continued to surround himself with miscreants throughout his 8 years in office and anyone who stood against him was taught a bitter lesson by these touts. A few years before OBJ became a civilian President, he indicated interest to become the Secretary General of UN. He was properly screened and vetted. The conclusion was that he was unfit and ineligible for such exalted position.

Prof Wole Soyinka also spoke to confirm that OBJ was not fit and capable of holding such a sensitive position. OBJ became a bitter and angry person. He came into office and carried out vendetta against perceived opponents.

Let me close by joining my fellow compatriots in demanding for a DECENT Society. We want fairness. We want a COUNTRY where nobody will be assassinated without being investigated. We want independent and strong institutions devoid of interference. We want a President that would be fair and humane to his people. We want an honest president, not a deceitful, manipulative and cruel president like Obasanjo, to borrow Iyabo’s description of her dad.

SIGNED Richard Olanrewaju Odusanya

Chairman, Leadership Rescue Initiative

Source: Legit.ng

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