8 Tips For Being An Excellent Kisser

8 Tips For Being An Excellent Kisser

Kissing is a very important love act while getting to know someone. It enable couples touch or caress with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting.

These tips should help you, if you are uncertain about your kissing prowess.

1. Keep a clean mouth: This is extremely important while kissing someone. No one wants to swap tongues with someone who has a bad breath or tastes badly. Take a mint if you need to, just make sure you keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh.

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2. Start slow: If this is the first time you are kissing a partner, or if you are unsure where you stand, make sure you start slow. Do not attack her mouth like you are hungry. Take your time and get her used to you.

3. Let her lead: Some women are aggressive kissers while others like things a bit more subtle. The only way to know the difference is to let her lead at first and approach her the way she approach you. This helps her feel more comfortable and in control.

4. Avoid excess saliva: Keep in mind that you should never fill her mouth with way too mch saliva than needed. Kissing is all about connecting, not a battle of who has more saliva.

5. Be passionate: Hold her waist, moan a little, caress her back/or face, whatever you do, the point is that you make her feel like you are enjoying the kissing session and you are into her.

6. Avoid tongue attack: Kissing is not a battle of the tongue. Your aim is not to prove that you have a stronger tongue and you want to conquer her mouth. Be gentle, she will appreciate this more.

7. Avoid being over-eager: If this is a first time kiss, try not to see kissing as an instant gateway to sex by using your hands to attack/probe her body. There are more subtle and gentle ways to make this move without her feeling violated. If in doubt, just focus on the kissing and if she is getting excited, she will let you know.

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8. No biting: Unless you are absolutely sure she is into it, do not bite. If you are an expert, there are ways you can implement teeth grazing into the kissing, but avoid this if you are not sure how to. Stick with your lips and tongue.

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