5 Reasons You Are Yet To Find A Serious Man

5 Reasons You Are Yet To Find A Serious Man

You have dressed very well and look gorgeous in your beautiful outfit. You know you would be the focus of all eyes at the party. You expect that the men would want you and the women would want to be you.

You are ready to go out, have a good time, meet some fun guys and maybe even find someone you connect and can build a relationship with in the long run. You get to the party, and of course you are the cynosure of all eyes.

They notice you when you enter and you even get a few glances from some good-looking bachelors.... but then something must be wrong. Because it is the end of the night and you have not been asked to dance yet, no one has approached you to make conversation, and no guy has expressed interest in being with you. You start to wonder where you went wrong.

5 Reasons You Are Yet To Find A Serious Man
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If this sounds like you, then it can be a pretty frustrating experience. The answer to this riddle could be really simple.

You are unapproachable. You can look as beautiful as a pageant contestant and even more fashionable, but it would be difficult to attract men if you do not look like someone they would like to talk to.

For men, putting themselves out there and expressing their interest in a woman could be a pretty daunting experience and if you do not look like someone who might say yes to their advances, they would most likely steer clear of you. If you are doing the things listed below, this might be why you are not getting the attention you expect.

1. You do not smile: Of course, no one expects you to bare your teeth for hours, but simply having a more jovial countenance would make you seem more open and friendly. Men would gravitate towards you and want to hang out with you.

2. You are too involved with your friends: Nothing is as challenging to a guy as having to approach a girl in the midst of all her giggling girlfriends. He would fear that if you reject him, there would be audiences that would witness the humiliation. If you have an eye on someone, make sure you take a step away from your friends at interval to encourage him to  come over.

3. You "look" busy: It is natural that if you are sitting alone somewhere, you might want to "look" busy (perhaps playing with your phone or reading a book) so as not to look to desperate. While this is understandable, if you have to do it, make sure you take away your focus from what you are doing from time to time so men would not automatically assume you are too engrossed to talk.

4. You do not make eye contact: Eye contact is very important in letting people know you are interested. If there is someone that catches your eye, make sure they know it by meeting their eyes from time to time. Hold eye contact, and smile (if you are a bit more daring) so they know they are less likely to be rejected.

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5. You have a rigid body language: Sometimes, the way we carry ourselves could give others the impression that they should back off. Sitting/standing too rigidly, acting stiff and being all-round closed off are not the best way to attract the opposite sex. Try to be more laid-back and relaxed.

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