Following Tradition: 92-Yr-Old Man Marries 22-Yr-Old Girl

Following Tradition: 92-Yr-Old Man Marries 22-Yr-Old Girl

It may sound a little surprising to many across the world, a 92-year-old Iraqi man married a woman, who is 70 years younger to him, in a ceremony which also witnessed the wedding of the groom's two grandsons.

Muslai Mohammed, one of the most prominent figures in his village, decided to get married three years after the death of his first wife, who died aged 58.

Interestingly, Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie's two teenage grandsons also tied the knot in the same ceremony that was attended by several local tribal and religious leaders of Gubban village which lies south of central Iraqi city of Samarra.

Stating that he felt much younger at the age of 92 after getting married in the same ceremony with his grandsons aged 16 and 17, the eldest groom added, "I feel like a 20-year-old!"Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie went on to say that the marriages of his grandsons were getting repeatedly postponed due to the delay in the arrangements of his marriage.

It was Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie's second marriage, three years after the death of his first wife, who expired at 58. The duo raised 16 children at their village of Gubban.

"I remained alone when my wife died, there was nobody to share anything with. I wanted to have a good time, have some pleasure, but there was nothing. Then God brought her to me, for my pleasure. Is that good or bad?" he said.

Muna al-Jabouri, his new wife, said: "I accepted (to marry him) when I saw his pictures and realised it was my fate."


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