Is Death Penalty The Best Way To Fight Corruption?

Is Death Penalty The Best Way To Fight Corruption?

The current level of corruption in Nigeria is so high that it calls for drastic solution. Some people believe that death penalty is a very suitable option for combating corruption, which negatively affects the public and private facets of life in the country.

Recently, a wave of protests against corruption scandals has reached even the National Assembly. A group of dissatisfied people stormed the building, demanding the death penalty as punishment for dishonest officials. Protesters stressed that Nigeria would not make progress if corruption in public office is not brought under control.

Some Nigerians believe that only death penalty can help the government to win a war against the cancer of corruption.

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Unfortunately, some Nigerians have already lost hope and think that even capital panishment won't prevent people from corrupt practices  and thieves will escape from punishment.

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However, some Nigerians have spoken out against the introduction of death penalty for corrupt officials, suggesting replace it with imprisonment.

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Meanwhile, there are indications President Muhammadu Buhari is likely employ five proposed laws to fight corruption in Nigeria.  According to the sources close to presidency, a committee led by Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s vice president, already directed five bills to Buhari for consideration.


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