Reasons Why Amaechi Might Be Consumed By Forces In APC

Reasons Why Amaechi Might Be Consumed By Forces In APC

As Nigerians await the key appointments expected be made by President Muhammadu Buhari, many analysts are keen on knowing the fate of ex-Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

Amaechi who was the director general of the Buhari campaign organisation in the last presidential elections, is widely expected to be rewarded for his doggedness, loyalty and his efforts at mobilising the All Progressives Congress (APC) supporters in the South-south region.

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Some have said Amaechi will be given the post of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, others are of the opinon he will only get a ministerial post, while some have stated that he will get a key position in the president's inner caucus. But there are many forces at play that will hinder Amaechi's chances. outlines 5 reasons why he might be sidelined in the APC power tussle.

Read below:

1. Amaechi is confrontational: To his credit, the former Rivers State governor has always been the victim in all his political battles. But Amaechi's mode of fighting back his political opponents has been very intense. His knack for running to the media with all sorts of allegations, calling of names and use of gutter language has been his trademark. The APC leadership and Buhari's inner caucus would be aware of these political traits of Amaechi and might not want to bring him on board, as he is capable of rocking the boat when the chips are down.

2. Lone voice from the South-south: Amaechi's political base (South-south) is very weak. He is perharps the biggest personality in the APC politically from the region politically. This short-coming will hinder Amaechi's chances as he won't have enough political heavyweights with him to push for his interest.

3. Amaechi is not a technocrat: Amaechi is a typical career politician. He has been in politics all his life and do not posses any known skill as an astute administrator. This fact was made obvious when he practically  left the affairs of Rivers State at the height of his political battles with former president Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan. Amaechi, who performed excellently before the problems surfaced abandoned the state and was travelling all around Nigeria seeking for political affiliations. He left governance in the back- burner and the people of Rivers State paid him back in his own coin by not voting his party in the last general elections.

4. The Wike factor: Amaechi's never ending political battle with Rivers State Governor, Nyesome Wike might affect his chances of getting appointed. While every aggrieved politician in the last election has gone to seek redress in court and await their verdicts, Amaechi seem to be only concerned with calling Wike names and attacking him at any given opportunity. This will no doubt continue if he is appointed as he is likely to abuse his position and use every resources at his disposal to fight Wike, which is capable of bringing the name of the Buhari government into disrepute.

5. Corruption charges: With the Wike government set to probe Amaechi, the new government might open a can of worms that will likely give the Buhari government a bad name if Amaechi is part of the government. It is widely believed in Rivers State that the Amaechi's government in its last days, looted the treasury of the state in other to frustrate the Wike government. The N12 billion for the hurriedly organised local government elections comes to mind.

Meanwhile, reactions have continued to trail the first appointments of President Muhammadu Buhari.


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