See Boy Cursed With Twisted Neck And Wasted Body

See Boy Cursed With Twisted Neck And Wasted Body

Meet a 12-year-old boy who suffers from a mystery muscle-wasting disease, which has left him too frail to support his own body parts, India's Madhya Pradesh state.

Mahendra Ahirwar's neck muscles are unable to hold his head in place, meaning it constantly falls onto his right shoulder or his chest. In addition, his limbs have lost almost all muscle tissue, leaving him weighing just 16kg. His parents, Mukesh Ahirwar, 40, and Sumitra Ahirwar, 35, claim they have consulted nearly 50 doctors all of whom have not been able to diagnose the boy.

Mr Ahirwar, a father of six, said: "He can move his neck only in three directions. His neck bone is quite strong but cannot hold his head. His neck is longer than average size and is growing slowly. I don't want him to die but he is losing the battle slowly. Being poor doesn't mean you leave your child to die but what can poor parents do. People say bad things about him, and they often laugh at him. It really hurts us. We cannot tolerate people’s attitudes and discrimination.

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They say I must have committed some terrible sins and this is why he is suffering, it’s awful. We saved for almost a year for the trip and then it was a nightmare. All my savings were finished in days between food and treatment. I was almost left without money and I didn’t want to die on the road with my son so I returned to my village. Some doctors said he has polio, some say he has paralysis but no one has actually found the reason behind his condition."

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Mother Mamta, 35, added: "It pains me to see him like this, when children of his age are enjoying their lives. I wonder if death is the only treatment left to end his misery. I have to be with him always to feed him, to bathe him and make him wear clothes. Its heartbreaking. People say all kinds of things but we have stopped to respond to their ridicule but not all behave like this, there are some who help and support us."

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Despite his serious disability the boy enjoys much of the same hobbies as his peers, besides, he is dreaming of finding love and starting family: "I only want to go to school. I want to play and read books. I remain at home and only have to play with my siblings. I know once I get well no-one will tease me. Once I get well, I will work and marry."

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