Lagbaja Lambasts Obasanjo In New Video

Lagbaja Lambasts Obasanjo In New Video

Afrobeat musician popularly called Lagbaja is at it again and this time, it is unexpected.

Also called 'The masked One’, Lagbaja is out to use the only tool in his hands which is music to throw lights into the ongoing political brouhaha in the country as elections approach.

The musician known for his fierce critic of the state of the nation is out with a new satirical music video titled ‘200 million mumu’.

In the new video, Lagbaja in his usual practice of using his songs to correct and make mockery of issues in the country directly depicts an image of ex president, Olusegun Obasanjo and his failed 3rd term agenda.

Lagbaja, in a satirical way in the video sang about how undoubtedly, the people are to be blamed for their woes. The video started with the purported image of the former president's new book, 'My Watch' with the first page opening with an inscription 'Legacy of failed succesors and a dying nation'.

He said the “leaders” have discovered that they can get away with anything… ANYTHING! Because of Nigerians' docile 'mumurity' as uncritical and comatose minions, because we never stand up to them and demand probity’. ‘That is why Obasanjo single handedly chose Yar’Adua and Jonathan, and led us like sheep into this turmoil. How blessed a nation we could have been. Had he instead used his great cunning for the benefit of Nigeria. The good things he did, his anointed successors destroyed. Obasanjo used his own hands to destroy what he worked hard to build … Sad testimony… Bad legacy… Sad autobiography’.

He also talked about how Obasanjo shortchanged Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, how he he is presiding over Nigeria like Mugabe, Gadaffi and others...

Watch the video below:

Last month, Lagbaja opined that Jonathan does not have the ability to rule the country and he went ahead to advise Nigerians to help the president leave office with dignity.


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