The Story From The Forefront Of Battle Against Boko Haram

The Story From The Forefront Of Battle Against Boko Haram

According to Cameroon army officials, terror organisation Boko Haram, which is dominated in the North-east in Nigeria, is "perpetually mutating" - and it has a well-organised structure with constantly changing tactics.

Sky News has been given exceptional access to Cameroon elite unit who are at the frontline of the fight against the radical insurgent sect.

Boko Haram is gradually leading its operations over Nigeria's borders and increasing attacks into neighbouring countries like Cameroon and Niger.

The group of journalists travelled to the north of Cameroon, the rapid response battalion or BIR, and its border with Nigeria where the militant organization was born.

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They joined the Special Forces as it tried to plug the long, absorbent border with Nigeria.

The British news organisation travelled with the troops to Amchide, Kolofata and Kerawa - three towns along the border which have all suffered at the hands of Boko Haram.

The military chiefs said the extremist group already had a self-declared caliphate in at least one area of Nigeria - in Gwoza.

Major Garangsou Clement, commander of Kolofata post told journalists: "Behind that mountain is Nigeria and a Boko Haram state.”

"There is no Nigerian Government there. It is Boko Haram's caliphate."

The terrorists have also established a new favourite form of attack: roadside bombs or IEDs.

They are much more fatal for the army and a lot less dangerous for the insurgents.

"IED," one of the soldiers said showing a wrecked army pickup.

"Two of our soldiers died there," he added.

In front of Amchide army post there are more charred vehicles: an armoured personnel carrier and a pick-up truck.

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The insurgents almost got to the gate of the post in a large attack last October, before being beaten back. Amchide town seems empty now.

More soldiers and heavier arms have been sent to the border town, but so far the residents do not seem to have been convinced to return.

Boko Haram insurgents have reportedly increased their attacks ahead of Nigeria’s general elections.

Meanwhile, Nigerian military boasts of winning the war against terrorists. Troops recently stormed the notorious hideout of militants, Sambisa forest.

While Boko Haram spread the geography of their attacks launching attacks on Niger and Cameroon.


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