Buhari Will Die In Office - Celestial Church Leader

Buhari Will Die In Office - Celestial Church Leader

The year 2015 has been compounded with lots of predictions and revelations from various men of God.

Some of these revelations and predictions are shockingly unbelievable while some of them are targeted at the forthcoming elections. In a new interview with Encomium weekly, the spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Marcus Korede Tibetan has given made known his own predictions about what is to be expected during and after the coming elections.

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The prophet who is popular for some of his controversial statements, made it known that just as President Jonathan will be embarrassed and disgraced in the elections. He also said if Buhari assumes the presidential position by May, the life of the APC presidential candidate might be cut short. Expressing that Buhari might not finish his tenure which is four years, he made it known that the All Progressives Congress' presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, only wants to be President as a concerned Nigerian. Read the excitingly-revealing excerpts from the interview below:

Sir, there is so much anxiety in the political landscape and 2015 is already pregnant with fears, as a seer and an anointed prophet of God, what should we expect in 2015?

God said in the book of Genesis Chapter 1, ‘Let there be light and there was light’. It is the people’s voice that will prevail. God does have any special thing for 2015 but the more I stop telling you lies, that is when we will know peace in our house. The country has no middle class and only low class, the levelers and the people up there who have the long spoons. When they stop digging their long spoons into the federal purse, then we can have a peaceful 2015. But if this fraud is not stopped, the people will be in danger.

They are going to devalue the naira three times before March and this is an agreement between an insiders in Nigeria and some foreign economic hawks. I am talking of Okonjo Iweala, she knows about it. She is looking for ways to run away.

APC, the major opposition party in Nigeria has fielded General Buhari as its flag-bearer in the February 2015 presidential election the party’s presidential flag for 2015 while the PDP adopted Mr. Goodluck Jonathan as their sole candidate? Who do you see winning between Jonathan and Buhari?

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Politics started in the Bible. In Genesis 25 from verse 22, the woman said ‘If this is how pregnancy normally disturbs people, I think after this, I don’t think I am going to have a baby again’ and the Holy Spirit ministered to Rebecca, He said, Rebecca, why don’t you give peace a chance? Two nations are in your womb but the young one will be champion. The first one will be a workaholic. He may not make his way from the beginning but later he will be recognized.

And when they came, it was Jacob and Esau the first twins in history and when their mother was trying to play the trick, that was the beginning of politics. People say ‘politics, politics, politics, do you know the beginning of politics? Rebecca said, now that your father is planning to die and bless Esau the first son of the house, you know I have a message from the Holy Spirit and now I want to actualize it. Go and get one of the choice kids of the goat flock and I will make savory food with them for your father, such as he loves and I will put the skin of the choice goat on your hand so that when your father touches you he will take you for Esau.

But the father said ‘This is the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau’. They are going to rig the elections; there is no good election coming in 2015. Goodluck has already failed, he knows but his word will hunt him. He said he will never go more than once so, why is he reneging? We saw that in him the very first day they opened Aso-Rock and he saw what they used to decorate Aso Rock, he pulled his hat and screamed. He has already disappointed and derailed us; we could have even told him we don’t need him again.

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Buhari is not coming to look for the house he wants to live in, Buhari is only coming back as a concerned Nigerian. He will win the election; he may not even finish his term. He may die….he is going to die in between. That is what the Lord has revealed but it is good for a fighter to show his skill. Buhari has never changed his colour, there is no amount of frustration you give Buhari that will change him.

What about Goodluck Jonathan?

If our politicians had done well, we won’t have bothered, if they had given us steady power supply to set up our small scale businesses we wont bother about Abuja, we won’t bother about Goodluck Jonathan because he is  Goodluck to his father and not Goodluck to me which I told you three years ago.

His father gave him the name, we were not there and never knew the circumstances that warranted that name given to him. This man (Jonathan) told us in his campaign that he never wore shoes, he never wore pant, he used cassava leaves to make the first pant. We should have known where we were headed. But it is quite unfortunate now Buhari will take us back to primary one.

How do you mean, sir?

Buhari is a not an academic. We knew him because he was a soldier. What was his qualification? We are going back to the time of trade by batter.

Is there going to be a divergence of opinion between Christians and Muslims in 2015?

Christians are tired already. Nothing will happen that way. No Christian in this country again, they have driven everybody away from the north.

So, for 2015, to answer your question directly, there will be elections but the disgrace of Goodluck is going to be massive; they are going to disgrace him everywhere.

Are we going to see more brutality from the insurgents, are they likely to strike in a place like Lagos come 2015?

They cannot strike in Western Nigeria. We should give kudos to Tinubu, if there is anyway Tinubu had offended us we should forgive him. He is a father and he has fought for Edo, Delta, Benin, Yoruba and even people from the east. We should give kudos to him. Had it been he had followed Obasanjo blindly we could have been in trouble for now. We could have been in a very big trouble because our straw would have been removed from the bottle and nothing for us to sip the drink any longer. We would have starved to death.

They ought to have bombed us but they gave us the grace because of the political merger. Had it been that Tinubu did not stand his ground, the South West would have been in the same dirty pit that all Nigerians found themselves today called PDP. It was the baby of Atiku Abubakar. Atiku formed PDP. He is the owner of the party, he can take them to court and that is the last thing he is going to do.

It would be recalled that just recently, The General Overseer of the Messenger of God Assembly, Adavi, Kogi State, Apostle Moses Abdullahi says God has a purpose for Nigeria in view of the forthcoming general election. He further said president Jonathan is part of God's plan for Nigeria.

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