Monguno Attack: Military Knew But Still Yet Taken By Surprise

Monguno Attack: Military Knew But Still Yet Taken By Surprise

 The Nigerian military were informed of an impending attack on Monguno barracks, yet the soldiers in the area were taken by surprise.


Yesterday's massive attack by Boko Haram on Monguno according to information coming out was expected but the Brigade stationed in the area failed to prepare adequately for the group’s onslaught.

Sources told Premium Times that the brigade stationed in the area had already received report that the terrorists would attack between January 22 and 25.

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The source said that the report was revealed to the Brigade on the night of January 22, the report warned the soldiers to be ready.

However the leadership of the soldiers failed to get their men ready to check the imminent attack.

When the terrorists finally struck on Sunday, the troops were surprised.

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Military sources say Boko Haram had arrived at about 2 am on Sunday, parking their Hilux vans deep into the bush, with their headlights on.

Soldiers nearby released fire in the direction of the vans without knowing that the insurgents had already made their way to the Brigade headquarters.

Then immediately a firefight began as the insurgents released fire prompting the Brigade troops and those of the Multinational Joint Task Force [MJTF], who were camped at a school inside the barracks after they were dislodged from Baga, engaged the terrorists in a long exchange of gunfire.

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The Brigade'd biggest tank known as Shika is said to have killed many insurgent and wounded many but this was all to no avail as the troops began to run low on equipments and then began to withdraw.

As they withdrew, the rifle men behind them followed suit with the Insurgents in pursuit.

During the rapid withdrawal, commander of the Brigade, a Brigadier General Yekini and some fellow soldiers were injured.

It is yet to be ascertained the number of soldiers or insurgents killed in the attack.

One Officer told reporters: “We could have overpowered the insurgents, but there was no enough ammunition.

When contacted, Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade dismissed the reports saying that their men are always on high alert due to the nature of the area they are positioned.

“Because it is an area that is prone to attacks, our officers and men are always on the alert,” Mr. Olukolade said.

He declined further comments.

The 5 Brigade commander who was injured has been replaced with another officer who told the dislodged soldiers to remain calm and focuse on the task ahead.

Nigeria soldiers had yesterday faced Boko haram terrorists on three fronts, successfully repelling two of them, and losing the battle for one.

The raid on Maiduguri and Konduga was repelled by the soldiers but lost out on the battle for Monguno.


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